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The Wish List: Things You Definitely Want For Your Duramax

The Wish List: Things You Definitely Want For Your Duramax

At Merchant Automotive, we know exactly how you think because that’s who we are too. We’ve spent years learning everything there is to know about the Duramax-equipped family of trucks in order to become the absolute authority on upgrading and enhancing these powerful vehicles to suit the most demanding of users.

So, if you’re looking to build out the ultimate Duramax truck - where should you start? We’re going to cover these 7 must-have items for your Duramax truck and why you should put them on your truck as soon as possible:

  1. MAximum Transmissions - Pro Series
  2. Transfer Case Pump Upgrade Kits
  3. Merchant Automotive Motor Mounts
  4. Tie Rod Sleeves
  5. Diesel Fuel Additive
  6. Rear Housing Supports
  7. Upgraded Fuel Pump From FASS

Think you’re ready to build out the ultimate Duramax truck?

MAximum Transmissions - Pro Series


One of the key components of your Duramax-equipped trucks is the Allison transmission. While the Allison transmission is well known for its durability and smoothness; it is not perfect. This is especially true if you put your transmission through the wringer on a daily basis or if you’ve added on some additional horsepower to your rig. As the Duramax and Allison experts, Merchant Automotive wanted to offer an alternative to the factory transmissions that would take OE quality up more than a few notches.

Available for 2001 - 2016 Duramax-equipped trucks, Merchant Automotive offers the MAXIMUM WORK SERIES for the Duramax owner that’s looking to beef up their daily driver or reinforce a hard-working Allison transmission and the MAXIMUM PRO SERIES for the most intense, high-horsepower applications.

No matter what type of Duramax truck you’re building out, the Maximum Pro series is ready to get to work with features like a Triple-Disc billet torque converter, all new bushings, bearings, and seals along with a high-performance dyno-tested MAximum Series valve body.

Every Pro Series transmission is painted Merchant Automotive orange and comes completely assembled and ready to install with 24 quarts of high-quality fully synthetic CAM2 Dexron VI automatic transmission fluid. Optional billet input, intermediate and output shafts can be added to the Pro Series transmissions to increase power handling capabilities for high-powered competition use such as sled pulling and drag racing.

We run a Pro Series Transmission in Ol’ Blue - Our 1700 Horsepower UCC Truck.

Transfer Case Pump Upgrade Kits

One of the most annoying problems on Duramax trucks is a situation known as “pump rub”. This issue is due to the movement of the transfer case pump housing against the rear housing which, over time, can wear a tiny hole in the housing. This hole weeps fluid underway and before you know it, your transfer case is out of fluid and you’re in big, expensive trouble.

Merchant Automotive offers a simple, effective fix to this issue with our Transfer Case Upgrade kit. This comprehensive upgrade kit includes all components necessary to upgrade certain components in order to eliminate rotation and prevent rub through on the rear housing.

We give you everything you need:

  • Merchant Automotive Billet T-6061 Aluminum CNC-MachinedHousing
  • Adapter Gasket (#331304A)
  • RTV Silicone with applicator nozzle (#SU500530-ALU)
  • Blue Threadlocker

This is a no-brainer for any Duramax owner! Trust us, you do not want to deal with pump rub and fluid loss!

Merchant Automotive Motor Mounts

Sure, those stock motor mounts may be “adequate” for getting the job done, but at Merchant Automotive, we don’t do adequate. Since the motor mounts act as a suspension for your engine, they are subject to a good deal of twisting, rocking and rolling. Over time, the stock mounts can wear out and leave you with vibration and performance issues.

Upgraded motor mounts like those offered by Merchant Automotive work by beefing up the bracket construction and by swapping out the rubber bushing in the stock mount for a more durable polyurethane bushing that better resists movement under heavy loads. This makes your truck feel more locked down and provides years of trouble-free operation.

Tie Rod Sleeves

Worried about the tie rods on your truck breaking under extreme usage? This issue is prevalent among GM Duramax trucks due to design deficiencies and the extreme usage that this critical part is often put under while off-roading or pulling heavy loads.

Tie Rod Sleeves from Merchant Automotive are just the thing to beef up this crucial part, while still being extremely easy to service during alignment services. Lesser quality sleeves are made of cheap steel that can rust, so don’t trust just any tie rod sleeves, trust the best from Merchant Automotive and get the job done right.

Diesel Fuel Additive

Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) usage in modern trucks can lead to a range of issues with your Duramax truck including:

  • Rust and corrosion in fuel lines and tanks from the aggressive chemicals found in ULSD
  • Poor fuel lube characteristics causing wear in pumps and injectors
  • Sludge that can build up inside tanks and cause fuel filters to plug
  • Poor cold flow performance
  • Low BTU performance

To address these issues, Merchant Automotive has created the perfect solution, and it's as easy as adding it to your fuel tank!

MA Additive Diesel Treatment provides the following benefits:

  • Increases Cetane 2 to 3 points to deliver a more complete burn
  • Maximize the efficiency of the engine
  • Faster starts, smoother running, increased power, higher BTUs, and improved fuel economy
  • Cleaning agents to clean and protect fuel delivery system, tanks, lines, injectors, and valves
  • Lubrication for fuel injection components for reduced friction and extend life
  • Includes Inhibitors to minimize corrosion in the fuel system
  • Stabilizer to extend the shelf life of the fuel

Rear Housing Supports

The housing on your transfer case can crack due to a poor design on the Allison transmission that makes it more susceptible to damage from vibrations. To prevent potential damage via driveline vibration, Merchant Automotive has designed a rear housing support that’s specifically made for your particular truck.

This properly designed transfer housing support reinforces the weight of the housing, while also providing a higher level of resistance to vibrations in your driveline. Rather than wait for failure, be proactive and hook your truck up with a rear housing support from Merchant Automotive today!

Upgraded Fuel Pump From FASS

Although the Duramax is a durable, and proven design, there are some major design flaws found within the fuel delivery system. The CP3 pump is responsible for moving fuel from the tank, all the way to the pump itself. This process relies on maintaining a vacuum, or the absence of air, to get the fuel from the tank to the CP3 pump.

Avoid this design flaw by picking up a Titanium Signature Series High Flow Fuel Pump from FASS from Merchant Automotive. This incredible pump was engineered by FASS Fuel Systems to be the top-performing, longest lasting, and most reliable aftermarket fuel pump in the diesel industry with a beefy 165 GPH flow rate, and advanced filtration - all backed up by our Lifetime Warranty.

Trust The Diesel Experts at Merchant Automotive

At Merchant Automotive, we know that you love your truck and that’s why we’ve created the best selection of must-have Duramax upgrades for your unique build! Whether you’re just looking to get the longest possible life out of your truck or you’re looking to add in some serious horsepower.

Merchant Automotive makes it easy to get exactly what you need, when you need it, and get the support to back it all up. We’re the first and last stop for everything you need to make your Duramax truck as unique as you are.