Water Pumps

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Water Pumps

The water pump on your Duramax truck is the heart of your cooling system as it pushes coolant throughout your engine. The water pump is mounted on the engine and has propellers that are powered by your accessory drive to move the coolant. Over time, your water pump can become worn out or deteriorate due to contaminants in your cooling system. Merchant Automotive is going to have everything you need to replace or upgrade your Duramax water pump to keep your diesel engine properly cooled.

How Do I Know If My Duramax Water Pump Is Bad?

Since your Duramax water pump is mounted to your engine and the propellers are located inside the water pump assembly, it can be a little difficult to diagnose a bad water pump without removing it. Luckily, there are a few symptoms of a bad Duramax water pump that will allow you to narrow down your issue to the water pump without removing it.

Truck Is Overheating - There are many different reasons why your truck can overheat, but if you are not seeing any signs from radiator hoses, your radiator, or other components, you might be able to narrow it down to the water pump.

Coolant Leaking From Water Pump - Most water pumps are outfitted with a weep hole near the bottom of the water pump. The weep hole leaks coolant when your water pump starts to fail, acting as a built in alert system for a failing water pump. If you notice coolant leaking from your truck, check the water pump to see if you notice any coolant leaking from a hole in the bottom of the pump.

Water Pump Is Corroded - If you can visually inspect your water pump, you can check for corrosion near the weep hole or around the gasket. If you can remove the water pump, check the internal propellers for any signs of corrosion as this is where most water pumps will fail.

Water Pump Is Making Whining Noises - Lastly, a whining water pump is usually a failing water pump. This can come from the bearings in the pulleys or a loose propeller in the inside of the pump.

How Long Does A Duramax Water Pump Last?

Duramax trucks are known for having water pump failures between 130,000 and 250,000 miles. To remedy a bad water pump or to add some cheap insurance and replace the pump before it fails, Merchant Automotive has a tig-welded water pump that could possibly last the lifetime of your truck.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Water Pump On A Duramax?

Replacing a water pump can be an involved process depending on your specific Duramax setup. For trucks with more accessories in the way, your cost may be higher than those with water pumps that are more accessible. According to, the average cost of a GMC Sierra 2500 HD water pump replacement is going to be between $760 and $858.