Axle and Differential

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Axle and Differential

Whether you are rebuilding the rear end in your Duramax equipped truck, or simply want to upgrade to stronger components, Merchant Automotive is your one-stop solution. Here at MA, we understand the different needs for your truck, that is why we offer everything you need to get your rear axle and differential components replaced. Choose from some of the biggest brands in the industry to upgrade or restore your Duramax truck’s differential and axles.

What Components Make Up A Rear Differential?

The rear differential in your Duramax truck is an intricate component as it is made up of various gears and shafts to transfer energy to your rear wheels. Most differentials are going to feature a flange, pinion gears, side gears, ring gears, a left axle shaft, a right axle shaft, and the pinion gears (often referred to as spider gears). These components are meticulously designed to fit perfectly in your differential housing to transfer energy from your engine, through the driveshaft, and into the differential, where it gets distributed to your rear wheels.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Rear Differential In A Duramax?

The differential in your truck is one of the lowest maintenance items on your vehicle. As long as you are changing your differential fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles, you should have no problem under normal operation. Once you start to tow more, add horsepower and torque, or drive your truck more aggressively, you can start to break axles and differential components.

Common signs of a failing differential are going to include unusual tire wear, a decrease in handling characteristics, vibrations in the rear, gear grinding noises, and differential whining sounds.

How Do I Identify My GM Rear Differential?

When purchasing components and parts for your Duramax rear differential, you will need to first know what type of differential you have. If you have your owners manual or can do a quick Google search, this will be the quickest way to identify your rear differential based on year/make/model. If you do not have this information handy, you will need to inspect your differential and note the design and bolt pattern of the differential cover and match it up with our selection for reference.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bad Rear Differential?

While there are situations where a bad rear differential can cause catastrophic failure and complete loss of differential function, many times, a bad rear differential is still driveable. Now when we say driveable, we do not mean to drive it daily like nothing is wrong. We are merely suggesting that it should be fine to drive to your local shop to have repair work done. Since not all differential problems are the same, you will ultimately have to be the judge on whether or not your truck should be driven.