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 Usually, the factory motor mounts on your Duramax Diesel Engine are perfectly fine for normal driving, but in higher horsepower power applications these rubber mounts can rip. This will lead to excessive vibration or engine shifting while driving which can pose a bigger danger to additional engine components. Purchase one of our MA Duramax Motor Mounts that are made of high-quality steel from the USA and consist of polyurethane bushings to give you a firm yet flexible feel.

Take a look at our genuine GM upper and lower oil pan offerings to replace your damaged or broken Duramax oil pan. Often the stock oil pan keeps up to 0.5 quarts of dirty oil that is leftover in the system even after you change the oil. With our oil pans, you can be sure that your oil is completely clear when your oil is changed.

We also carry a variety of additional Duramax Engine Components such as gear pins, pin retainers, transmission flexplates, engine covers, dipsticks, intake valves, fuel injector pump drive gears, flywheel rings gears, oil drain plugs, and piston kits! Shop Merchant Automotive for all of the Duramax Diesel Engine Components that you may need to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Duramax Engine?

It is estimated that the life expectancy of a 6.6L Duramax engine is around 10 years and 350,000 miles. Please note that to achieve these numbers routine maintenance will need to be per the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is often said that your Duramax Engine and transmission are among the last of your components to wear out as long as they are taken care of. Please note if you are buying a used Duramax with high mileage try and verify the maintenance records before purchasing.

Are Duramax Engines Made By Isuzu?

While Isuzu performed all of the main engine designs, it was General Motors who designed the electronic fuel injection that provided the most power for any of the fuel that was used. “Duramax” was the decided name to signify durability and maximum power. This joining venture by Isuzu and GM actually led to Isuzu owning 60% and GM owning 40% of this company. So while the Duramax Engine wasn’t built solely by Isuzu, they controlled the majority of production.

What Is The Most Common Problem With A Duramax Engine?

While the Duramax Engine is a very respected and reliable engine, it does come with its fair share of problems just like any other engine. Here are the most common:

  • Water & Fuel Injector Pump Failure
  • Blown Head Gasket
  • O-Ring Leakage from the Fuel Filter Housing
  • Overheating Issues from the Fan Clutch and Gunk from the Radiator

It is also worth mentioning that in high horsepower situations the crankshafts and connecting rods can often break as well as the Allison 1000 transmission entering limp mode.