Engine Gasket Kits

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Engine Gasket Kits

Check out Merchant Automotive for all of your Duramax Engine Gasket Kit Needs! Don’t waste time trying to find all of the different individual gasket components and seals for your engine. Merchant Auto has built engine gasket kits specifically for your Duramax to save you the hassle! If you are not looking for the whole kit, we also individually carry separate components for those last minute repairs. Merchant Automotive is your one stop shop for all of your Duramax Engine Gasket needs.

Our engine gasket kits include everything you need to rebuild your Duramax engine! There is no longer the need to hunt out all of the components when you can purchase this all in one Duramax engine gasket kit! Naturally, if you don’t need everything in this kit we carry all of the components separately as well so that you can get the exact part you need.

Having trouble with the turbocharger oil return pipe leaking on your Duramax Engine? Checkout this quality replacement gasket when resealing the pipe. Also, if your engine’s lower valve cover gasket is worn out then you should replace it with our hi-quality aftermarket replacement gasket as well. On top of the mentioned components above, we also carry engine oil cooler inlet and outlet gaskets, turbo oil feed pipe gaskets, coolant block drain gaskets, intake gaskets, and so much more! Our oil cooler seal and gasket kit is perfect to keep your oil cooler on your Duramax diesel running efficiently as possible.

Our variety of Gasket Kits are available for all Duramax models! So you can be sure that Merchant Automotive has just the parts you need. As always, for all of your Duramax engine needs, keep it here at Merchant Auto.

Symptoms Of A Blown Duramax Head Gasket

A blown head gasket can easily total out any vehicle, including a Duramax diesel engine equipped truck. However, an engine can be repaired with the correct parts and tools by someone who is any experienced mechanic. Some of the most common symptoms of a blown head gasket will include:

  • White Smoke Coming From Tailpipe
  • Unexplained Coolant Loss With No Leaks
  • Milky White Coloration Of The Oil
  • Engine Overheating
  • Coolant Bubbling In Radiator & Coolant Reservoir
  • Coolant Streaks Near Gaskets

What Year Duramax Has Head Gasket Problems?

It is often known that the 2004.5-2005 LLY Duramax Engine year models have temperature issues. This usually leads it to being the most prominent of the Duramax models for having gasket failures. Over the years GM has revised their head gasket design many times with each of these designs failing in their own specific way. So while the 2004.5-2005 models are the most well known for failure, all gasket designs for the different Duramax year models are susceptible to problems as well.

Are All Duramax Head Gaskets The Same?

The engineers at the Duramax factory actually used three different thicknesses of gaskets while assembling the engines. So naturally there are left and right gaskets, but there are also Grades A, B, and C gaskets. So the short answer is yes, all Duramax head gaskets are the same, but the thicknesses will vary from year to year. Also keep in mind that the left and right cylinder head gaskets are not interchangeable. If incorrect placements of the cylinder head gasket is performed then it will cause severe engine damage.