Brakes and Braking Systems

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Brakes and Braking Systems

The brake system on your Duramax truck is going to be great for your everyday use, but sometimes these components will need to be replaced or upgraded. Brake components are common wear items that will need to be replaced when they become worn, making direct replacement components the perfect choice. For those who are needing better braking performance, aftermarket Duramax brake components will be a solid choice. Merchant Automotive is going to carry a great selection of both to get your truck’s brake system restored or upgraded for better braking performance. 

Your Duramax brake system is going to be made up of several different components working in tandem to ensure your truck slows down as it should. Merchant Automotive knows how important this safety feature is for your truck and offers direct replacement and upgraded Duramax braking components to help restore or upgrade your truck. Choose from brake calipers, rotors, hoses, lines, fluids, pads, shoes, master cylinders, and performance brake kits to keep your truck stopping on a dime.

Best Brakes For Duramax Diesel

When you are needing to replace the brakes on your Duramax truck, you are going to want the best that you can afford. After all, the brakes on your truck are the most vital safety component to ensure your truck slows down as needed. So what’s going to be the best brakes for your Duramax diesel truck? That is going to depend on what you plan on doing with the truck. For factory applications and light-duty work, Merchant Automotive suggests going with ACDelco brakes as they are what your Duramax came with from the factory. If you are needing something a little more powerful for higher horsepower applications, a set of Wilwood brakes can help to get your truck to stop on a dime.

Can I Upgrade My Duramax Brakes?

There are a few different ways to upgrade the brakes on your Duramax truck. The first and most common is upgrading the brake pads. The brake pads that come factory on your truck are great for light-duty applications, but for those who are wanting a little more performance, upgrading to a better brake pad can help to increase brake performance. You can also upgrade your rubber hoses to stainless steel brake hoses if you are seeing some brake fade or want a more durable setup. Lastly, you can upgrade your calipers and rotors to a big brake system from Wilwood. This gives you a big brake kit that will make the biggest difference when it comes to braking power.

Duramax Rubber Vs Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

When shopping for brake hoses, you will notice that the factory replacements are going to be rubber while the aftermarket hoses will be made from stainless steel. The rubber hoses are used by manufacturers as they provide an economical solution for light-duty applications that most vehicles will be used for. Stainless steel brake hoses are going to offer reinforcements that will not allow for the hose to expand outward, eliminating spongy or squishy pedal feel. This gives your Duramax truck a better pedal feel, especially during more high-performance driving.