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Working on your Duramax fuel system may require the use of special tools to remove components properly. Merchant Automotive, being a high-quality shop, develops new tools and uses the correct tools for each of their jobs. MA also offers the same great tools that they use in their shops online to their customers. Shop Merchant Automotive to get water in fuel wrenches, fuel injector removal tools, and other fuel system tools needed to make your repair. 

What Is A Water In Fuel Wrench?

On a diesel engine, there is a sensor mounted in the fuel filter that detects the presence of water in your diesel fuel. This sensor may need to be serviced every now and then and removing it can be kind of tricky. For years, mechanics used a pair of pliers to remove these sensors which could result in damage to the sensor and frustration as it was not the correct tool. Merchant Automotive has developed a specific tool to get the job done. The water in fuel wrench allows for easy removal of the sensor with no aches or pains. It also has a built in bleed screw adjuster to prevent rounding off the bleeder screw.

What Are Fuel Line Disconnects?

Disconnecting modern fuel lines can be nearly impossible with the correct tools. Most fuel lines these days require a special set of disconnect tools to remove them from their clicked-in seated position. Fuel line disconnects are sold in a set that feature various sizes that allow for use on various fuel systems and even some A/C systems. These disconnects are circular in shape and are slotted to slip onto the fuel line. By applying pressure to these disconnects, the fuel line will disengage, allowing you to service your fuel system.

Which Fuel Injector Removal Tool Do I Need?

To properly remove the fuel injectors on a Duramax engine, there are speciality tools that you will need so that you do not do damage to the injector or surrounding components. Depending on what year Duramax you have, you may need a different tool. Use the following guide to get the right tool for your Duramax.