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Deluxe Injector Removal Tool, 2001-2004, Duramax

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Pulls injector straight for easy removal.
Pulls far enough to completly remove injector.
Includes sleeve removal tool.

Over time and miles the injectors become heavily coated with carbon between the tip and sleeve causing them to stick together. When using a factory tool it rocks the injector binding it into the sleeve and will only pop up about 1/16 of an inch, by the time the injector is removed from the head the sleeve will likely be loosened or removed with the injector causing additional work and time spent replacing the sleeves. This tool will pull the injector straight out the full length of the nozzle tip without rocking this reduces the possibility of unwanted sleeve removal.


Pull injectors straight up for easy removal.

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LB7 injector removal tool

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I am one happy camper after using this tool for the first time! I have 2 LB7 trucks & between the 2 I run about 150,000 miles every year. I have done injectors on each many times before popping them out with whatever I had to pry with in the past. Cussing & scraping skin! 10 minutes & I had all 4 out on one bank with this tool. Only one cup came out & the provided inch forkinch separated the cup from the injector with no issues.

Great tool.

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Only thing I have against this tool is so far it has pulled the injector cup with every injector I've pulled with it. Not a big deal as long as you are prepared to reseal them. Otherwise tool is great quality and works easy and fast.