Anti-Lock System

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Anti-Lock System

Your Duramax anti-lock brake system is a core safety component for your truck’s safety system. The ABS is responsible for keeping your brakes functioning properly under extreme braking situations to keep you from going into a skid. The biggest problem when it comes to a faulty ABS system is the ABS module. Merchant Automotive is going to have everything you need to repair or replace your Duramax’s anti-lock brake system.

What Are Anti-Lock Brakes?

Anti-lock brakes are a safety anti-skid feature found on most modern cars that help prevent your vehicle’s brakes from locking up. Anti-lock brakes “pump” your brakes to allow for a safer stop in extreme braking situations. Vehicles without anti-lock brakes can lock up their brakes, causing the vehicle to go into a skid, causing you to lose control of your vehicle. This is especially important for instances where extreme weather can cause your vehicle to skid very easily.

What Does It Feel Like When Anti-Lock Brakes Kick In?

If your vehicle is equipped with ABS, or Anti-lock brake system, in the event it kicks on, you will quickly notice a difference in your brake pedal. ABS engagement can cause your pedal to suddenly drop, followed by a rapid pulsing sensation. You may notice that the brake pedal pushes back when you are trying to push it down. This is the anti-lock brake system helping you better control the brakes to avoid a dangerous skid. It can be a little alarming if you have not experienced it before, but know that it is perfectly normal.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad ABS Module In A Duramax?

The ABS module in a Duramax is an area of multiple problems from the ABS light turning on, to leaking, and the module simply going out. It is important to know the warning signs of a bad ABS module as it could be the difference between your truck stopping correctly or going into a skid. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms to identify a bad ABS module in your Duramax:

  • ABS Light Is On
  • ABS Not Functioning Correctly
  • Brakes Lock Up
  • Unresponsive Brake Pedal
  • Increased Brake Pedal Effort