Gaskets Seals and O-Rings

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Gaskets Seals and O-Rings

To keep your Duramax cooling system components properly installed with no leaks, you will need the proper gaskets. Over time, cooling system gaskets can deteriorate, causing unwanted coolant leaks. The most common gaskets in your cooling system will be the water pump gasket, thermostat gaskets, and oil cooler gaskets. Merchant Automotive has all the Duramax cooling system gaskets and seals you need to seal your cooling system.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Gasket?

The symptoms of a bad cooling system gasket will usually be leaking coolant in and around your engine. A gasket helps seal off two surfaces to ensure coolant does not leak from this mating surface. If you notice your engine leaking coolant, you should inspect all of the mating surfaces of your cooling system components to ensure they are properly sealed. If you notice a leak coming from between the two components, there is a good chance that your gasket needs to be replaced. Gaskets are relatively cheap, but the time and labor that goes into them can be expensive, depending on the part. To get a full estimate, contact us today.