Intake Sensors and Electrical

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Intake Sensors and Electrical

Replacing or repairing your Duramax air intake will most likely require you to remove or replace some electrical sensors. These sensors can become damaged if not handled properly or simply fail over time due to old age. Merchant Automotive offers hard to find replacement Duramax air intake sensors and electrical components to get your truck running right again. Check out our selection of Duramax air intake sensors designed to be a direct replacement for your factory sensors.

How Do You Clean A MAF Sensor Of A Duramax?

Cleaning your Duramax MAF sensor is a common maintenance task that should be performed every 6 months. Cleaning your MAF sensor ensures that the sensitive components of your MAF sensor stay clean for accurate readings. To clean your MAF sensor on a Duramax, you will need to remove the MAF sensor with an appropriate size Torx bit, spray the MAF sensor with a high-quality MAF cleaner, allow it to dry, and reinstall it.

What Happens When an Air Flow Sensor Goes Bad?

When air flow sensors go bad, it can be for a variety of different reasons. The sensor could be dirty, the sensor could have failed, the wiring could be bad, or you simply have an electrical problem. The two most common problems will be a dirty sensor or a failed sensor. When an MAF sensor is dirty or is failing, you will experience drivability problems such as a no-start condition, lack of power, and poor acceleration. This is due to the sensor not being able to accurately read the amount of air coming into your engine. This skews the amount of fuel your computer sends to the fuel injectors, causing misfires.