Hardware and Installation

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Hardware and Installation

Whether you are making a repair to your fuel system or simply wanting to restore rusted, damaged, or missing hardware, Merchant Automotive is going to have everything you need to install your new fuel system components. Over the years, a vehicle’s hardware can become worn out due to overuse or being exposed to the elements. Damaged hardware can lead to much larger problems if not addressed in a timely manner. Shop Merchant Automotive to get all of your fuel system hardware and installation components you need to get your Duramax fuel system buttoned up.

What Makes Up A Duramax Fuel System?

Your Duramax fuel system is going to be composed of many different components that work together to deliver fuel to your engine. This will include your fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, injector pumps, injectors, and injector lines. Your fuel system should be properly maintained to ensure that your fuel system stays clean, performs at its best, and keeps your engine properly fueled. This includes changing your fuel filter on time and adding a high quality fuel additive, such as our MA Additive, every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. You will also want to visually inspect all of your fuel system lines and components for leaks or signs of wear to get them replaced before the damage becomes worse. A fuel leak or damage in your fuel system can become a large safety hazard if not addressed promptly.

What Hardware Should I Replace On A Duramax Fuel System?

When visually inspecting your fuel system, you should be looking for any hardware that may be damaged or missing. This hardware should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid greater damage. If you are replacing fuel pump components or the filter head, there may also be gaskets that will need to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, if you take a gasket out, you will want to replace it with a grand new gasket.

What Is A Duramax Fuel Filter Head Spacer?

Due to the close proximity of the fuel filter head to the valve cover on 2001-2010 Duramax diesel engines, servicing the filter can be difficult. This prolongs fuel filter service jobs and can become frustrating when trying to perform such a simple maintenance task. GM designed a step in the bottom of the can to help with the problem, but it's still very tight, especially with the wires routed close to it.

Merchant Automotive has developed a solution to remedy this problem with this Duramax fuel filter head spacer. This spacer is made from ⅜” aluminum and is designed to move the fuel filter head away from the valve cover. With this new position, it is much easier to use a fuel filter wrench to help remove your fuel filter.

This kit will include an MA fuel filter head spacer and 2 bolts for an easy installation. The MA fuel filter spacer is made from high-quality aluminum and features a black finish with a white MA logo. This gives a great look to your engine bay while providing great functionality. Each spacer is manufactured in house at our US facility using the highest-quality materials available.