Hoses Lines Hardware Kits and Fluids

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Hoses Lines Hardware Kits and Fluids

When replacing brake components on your Duramax, it is important to not forget about the brake hoses, lines, hardware, and fluids. These components are relatively cheap when compared to other brake components and replacing these during normal brakes services can prevent problems later down the road. Brake hoses and lines can become damaged or brittle over time, leaving you with malfunctioning brakes. Merchant Automotive is going to offer direct replacement and upgraded brake hoses, lines, hardware, and fluids to get your brake system operating at its best!

In a brake system, the brake hoses and lines are what carry the brake fluid back and forth from the caliper to the master cylinder. Due to the constant heat cycles and element exposure, these rubber hoses can become worn down over time. When performing routine maintenance, it is always a good idea to visually inspect your brakes hoses and lines for any cracks, fraying, or damage as this can quickly turn into a leak, leaving your brake system exposed to contamination or running dry. Brake hardware is another area of concern as broken or damaged hardware can cause your brakes to fail. Inspect your brake hardware when inspecting other brake components as this is a quick, cheap fix to what could turn into a much larger, expensive problem.

Duramax Rubber Vs Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

When shopping for brake hoses, you will notice that the factory replacements are going to be rubber while the aftermarket hoses will be made from stainless steel. The rubber hoses are used by manufacturers as they provide an economical solution for light-duty applications that most vehicles will be used for. Stainless steel brake hoses are going to offer reinforcements that will not allow for the hose to expand outward, eliminating spongy or squishy pedal feel. This gives your Duramax truck a better pedal feel, especially during more high-performance driving.

What Brake Fluid Does My Duramax Take?

When replacing the brake fluid in your Duramax, it is important that you know what type of brake fluid to use. Using the wrong brake fluid can damage brake components and prevent proper function of your brake system. For Duramax trucks, you are going to want to use DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid, depending on the type of truck you have. Check your owners manual to confirm what brake fluid your truck is going to need.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Speed Sensor?

Speed sensors on your Duramax truck can go bad from time to time. These sensors are located on the exterior of your truck, so they are susceptible to damage from the elements, road grime, and other obstacles in the road. Here are a few symptoms to look out for that may indicate that you have a bad speed sensor:

  • Higher Than Normal Revving Before Changing Gears
  • Transmission Is Late To Engage Overdrive
  • Brakes Seem Harder Than Normal When Coasting
  • Speedometer Is Working Erratically Or Not At All
  • Overdrive Light Flashes For No Reason