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If you are looking to keep your Duramax’s fuel system in the best shape possible, it is suggested to use a fuel additive every 3,000-5,000 miles. Since there are so many different diesel fuel treatments currently on the market, shopping for the best one can be a little confusing. Merchant Automotive has taken out the guesswork by providing you with an in-house diesel fuel treatment. Shop Merchant Automotive to get your bottle of MA Additive and keep your Duramax’s fuel system running at its best.

Diesel fuel additives help to improve the function and performance of your diesel truck. These additives are offered in bottles that allow for quick and easy pouring into a fuel tank. To get the best performance for your Duramax, you should use a fuel additive every quarter or 3,000-5,000 miles. Diesel fuel additives help to keep your fuel system properly lubed and acts as a corrosion inhibitor to keep your fuel lines and fuel components from corroding. It is also going to help stabilize fuel and helps the temperature and the velocity at which diesel fuel burns. This is why you will see better performance from your truck when you use a fuel additive in colder weather.

Do Diesel Fuel Additives Really Work?

When discussing fuel additives, one of the most common questions that gets asked is “do diesel fuel additives really work?”. When using a high quality diesel fuel additive, your Duramax will get a few different benefits. Diesel fuel additives are going to enhance and protect your fuel system components, improve your truck’s cold weather performance, and can even help to make your fuel system more stable. Some diesel fuel additives can even help to keep your fuel system lubed correctly and help to keep your fuel injectors and fuel components clean. There are many additives on the market, so be sure to use a high-quality, reputable additive to get the best benefits.

What Is The Best Additive To Add To Diesel Fuel?

Another popular question we get here at Merchant Automotive involves finding the best additive to add to your Duramax fuel tank. As previously mentioned, there are many different choices to choose from as most of the larger automotive fluid brands have developed their own diesel fuel additives. Here at Merchant Automotive, we have developed our own in house diesel fuel treatment to give you the best additive we can provide. Our MA Additive diesel fuel treatment is cleaner, has anti-gel properties, acts as a lubricant, helps to stabilize fuel, and acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

Can You Use Too Much Diesel Fuel Additive?

Before adding diesel fuel additives to your fuel tank, you will need to pay close attention to how much you are supposed to add. This could vary from manufacturer, but most will be packaged to allow for one bottle per fillup. For example, our MA Additive comes in 16oz bottles and one bottle should be used with a full tank for proper operation. Using too much fuel additive can lead to many different problems in your fuel system, so be sure to read the directions on your additive.