Cooling System

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Cooling System

The cooling system on your Duramax equipped truck is one of the most vital components for keeping your engine running the way it should. A truck running too hot can quickly blow a head gasket or damage engine internal components. A truck that is running too cold will be underpowered and be very inefficient when running. Merchant Automotive is your #1 source for Duramax cooling system parts and components.

What Components Are In My Duramax Cooling System?

To better understand your Duramax cooling system, it is best to know exactly what components are included. Cooling systems can be complex, especially on Duramax engines where there are more components than gasoline engines. Below is a list of components normally found on Duramax diesel engines:

  • Radiator
  • Coolant Hoses
  • Thermostats
  • Radiator Fans
  • Water Pump
  • Gaskets/Seals
  • Sensors
  • Antifreeze

How Do I Keep My Duramax Cool?

Keeping your Duramax cool means that you will need to keep your cooling system properly maintained. The factory Duramax cooling system will do a great job keeping your factory and lightly-modded Duramax engines cooled for proper functionality. Once you start getting into higher performance builds or more modifications, you may need to upgrade to performance cooling modifications to help keep your truck cooler with the extra demand of coolant. For most Duramax owners, simply keeping an eye out for leaks, worn out components and signs of failing cooling components will ensure that your Duramax runs as cool as it needs to.

What Temperature Should A Duramax Run?

Most Duramax diesel engines are going to run at a temperature of 210 after it has warmed up and the thermostat has opened. If your Duramax runs hotter or colder than 210, you may have a thermostat that has failed or an aftermarket thermostat that is designed to run hotter or colder. To ensure you have the proper temperature, check your owners manual for your truck to verify what your engine should be running at.

How Do You Get Air Out Of A Cooling System On A Duramax?

An overheating Duramax engine can be as simple as air that is trapped in the system after you have replaced coolant. On most Duramax trucks, you can remove the bleeder screw on top of the thermostat housing and pour coolant into the reservoir until coolant drips out of the bleeder screw. Once this has been completed, rev the engine or test drive the truck to work out the rest of the air bubbles in the system.

Why Is My Duramax Running Hot?

If you notice that your Duramax is running a little hot, this can be determined by the temperature gauge on the dash, then there are a few areas you need to check. One of the first things you can do is check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir. If this is low, you can add coolant and see if this helps to remedy the problem. You should also check for leaks under your truck to see if you are losing coolant from a leaking hose or radiator. If your coolant level seems fine, you may have a thermostat that is stuck closed. A closed thermostat will not allow coolant to flow through your engine and properly cool your Duramax. While a little less common, you may have blockages in your radiator that restrict the flow of coolant through your system.