Filters Fluids and Grease

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Filters Fluids and Grease

Merchant Automotive is your go-to place for all things fluids and filters. Fluids such as oil, coolant, diesel fuel, and additives for fluids can all be found from us. While we offer all of these under our own brand, we also carry many popular fluid and filter brands such as ACDelco, ARP, Allison Transmissions, Cam2, Dynatex, Lubegard, Palm Labs, RevX, and Silco. Shop Merchant Automotive today to get the best fluids for your Duramax vehicle today!

Merchant Auto carries the best oil that is designed for today’s high-performance, low emissions diesel engines. They include superior oxidation resistance and promote a longer seal life. Also, you should check out our high-performance oil additive from RevX! This includes a proven formula that can be blended into many types of lubricating fluids to create the ultimate friction reduction agent. This will basically eliminate high thermal temperatures within treated components. The final result will extend service life.

Once you change your oil, you should also change your filter. You can individually source these components or you can purchase one of our maintenance filter packs which include a Duramax Oil Filter, OEM Replacement Fuel Filter, and an Allison External Spin On Filter.

Before you make the decision to replace your coolant, you should check out one of our Merchant Automotive Coolant Analysis Kits. This kit will provide a safe, secure, and economic way to sample and test your Duramax vehicle’s automotive coolant. Once you analyze with one of our kits, you will be able to know exactly if the coolant needs to be changed. If so, we offer a wide variety of coolant options for your Duramax so that you can be sure to find the best match.

How Often Do You Have To Refill Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is an operating fluid for SCR or Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. DEF isn’t a fluid or additive, but it is injected into the exhaust system to chemically reduce emissions from these diesel-powered vehicles. If the consumption rate of DEF is between 2-4% of the total diesel fuel consumption then the typical Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank will be around 15-20 gallons. This means it will require a fill every 5,000- 6,000 miles.

How Often Should I Change The Oil On My Duramax?

It is advisable to keep the warranty on your Duramax from voiding, so you should change your vehicle’s motor oil at least once a year and as often as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer (usually before every 7,500 miles). If for some reason the manufacturer has a recommendation of a mileage interval greater than 7,500 it’s recommended that you change your motor oil using DuraMAX synthetic at least once per year or before every 10,000 miles.

How Often Should I Change The Transmission Fluid On My Duramax?

For the 2001-2011 Duramax models, it is recommended that you change your automatic transmission fluid every 50,000 miles under normal conditions and every 25,000 miles under severe duty conditions. For the 2012-current Duramax models, the external filter should be replaced at 45,000 miles intervals and full service at 97,500 miles under normal conditions. For severe duty conditions, a full service should be performed every 45,000 miles. For manual transmissions, GM recommends that the ZF S6-650 6 speed doesn’t require service. For other models, they recommend replacing the fluid at 60,000-mile intervals and especially if it’s driven under severe duty conditions.