Cold Air Intakes

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Cold Air Intakes

One of the most popular Duramax modifications is a cold air intake. Duramax cold air intakes replace the factory air intake system on your engine to increase power, performance, and fuel economy. Merchant Automotive offers some of the best Duramax cold air intake kits on the market. Choose from dyno proven Duramax cold air kits from the biggest names in the industry.

The factory Duramax air intake is made up of plastic or rubber tubing, a factory air filter, and an air filter box. A performance cold air intake kit replaces all of this with smoother tubing for less resistance, a higher performance air filter, and either a nicer air box or no air box at all for maximum air flow. Offering cold air intakes from the most popular manufacturers in the industry, Merchant Automotive offers the best Duramax cold air intake kits money can buy. Each of these cold air intake kits have been thoroughly tested to give your Duramax truck better power, more performance, and they can even help give you better gas mileage when compared to the factory air intake. A cold air intake kit is one of the easiest and quickest mods you can do to your Duramax engine for added performance.

What Is The Best Cold Air Intake For Duramax?

When looking for a cold air intake for your Duramax, you are going to want the best intake you can buy. To determine which cold air intake is best for your Duramax, you will need to take into consideration a few things. You will want to look at price, performance, reviews, and the overall looks of the cold air intake kit. If you are wanting a cold air intake kit that offers the most power, you will want to look at the dyno results from each cold air intake. If you are simply wanting something to make your engine bay look better, compare how each of the cold air intakes look and how they fit to give you a better idea of which would be best suitable for your application.

What Does A Cold Air Intake Do For Duramax?

A cold air intake helps to free up horsepower and torque in your Duramax equipped truck. They have also shown to improve fuel economy in certain applications. If you like to show off your truck, a cold air intake will definitely give you the aesthetic appeal that your Duramax engine needs.

How Much Horsepower Does An Air Intake Add?

The amount of horsepower that a cold air intake kit will add to your Duramax will depend on what other mods you have. Some intakes claim anywhere from 5-20 additional horsepower, but this will differ from truck to truck and dyno to dyno. Most cold air intake manufacturers will include dyno sheets to showcase how much power their cold air intakes will add.