Replacement Filters

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Replacement Filters

As a vital part of your air intake system, your Duramax air filter is a maintenance item that should be replaced every 12,000-15,000 miles. Maintaining your air filter should be one of your biggest priorities, as a dirty air filter can cause various issues with your truck. Merchant Automotive offers direct replacement and performance air filters for your Duramax engine to keep your truck running smoothly. Replacing your air filter is relatively cheap and takes less than 15 minutes, so pick up a new filter today and keep your Duramax running at its best.

The air filter in your Duramax is your truck's only defense against dust particles, debris, and contaminants from getting inside your engine. The air filter lives in the air box attached to the air intake system. This component filters the incoming air from the fender well or engine bay to ensure your engine only gets clean air. Like any filter, your truck's air filter will become dirty and clogged over time, requiring it to be changed a couple of times a year depending on how much you drive and what the climate is like where you drive. A dirty air filter will clog, causing an air restriction for your engine, resulting in rough idle, hard starting conditions, and poor performance. Pick up a direct replacement air filter today to get your truck running like new again. If you want to pick up a little performance without installing a full cold air intake kit, you can choose a performance air filter for a few additional horsepower.

How Often Should You Change Air Filter In Duramax?

The air filter in any vehicle should be changed every 12,000-15,000 miles under normal driving conditions. If you drive in a dustier environment such as a worksite, you may want to replace your air filter more often, such as at every oil change to ensure your filter is clear of any potential clogging.

How Do You Clean A Duramax Air Filter?

The factory air filter in your Duramax engine is not cleanable and is intended for one-time use. If you want an air filter that you can clean and reuse, you will need to choose an aftermarket performance filter that can be cleaned and reused safely.

Duramax Air Filter - Factory Replacement vs Performance?

One of the most common questions around Duramax air filters is whether you should use a factory replacement or a performance air filter. This will all depend on what your overall goal of the truck is. A factory replacement will work fine if you are simply driving and don't mind replacing your filter. If you want to invest a little extra money and get a filter that can be reused while adding a little bit of power, a performance air filter may be a better option.