Performance Brake Kits

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Performance Brake Kits

For light-duty Duramax trucks, the factory standard brakes are going to be perfect for what they will be used for. They are made to handle daily driving and take some abuse from occasionally spirited driving or towing. However, there is always room for improvement, especially when it comes time to upgrade your brakes. Merchant Automotive is going to carry Duramax performance brake kits to upgrade your brakes for the best stopping power available.

Performance brake kits are brake kits that will include bigger brake calipers and rotors to help your truck stop better when compared to factory brakes. These kits are a direct fit for your Duramax with no modification needed and are a great upgrade for Duramax owners wanting the best of the best for their brake system.

What Brakes Come Standard On A Duramax?

The factory brakes on a Duramax truck are going to vary depending on what level of trim you choose. However, most Duramax trucks are going to be outfitted with dual piston calipers and standard, non-slotted rotors. This combination allows for safe and effective braking for factory trucks that see daily driving and light-duty use.

Duramax Rubber Vs Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

When shopping for brake hoses, you will notice that the factory replacements are going to be rubber while the aftermarket hoses will be made from stainless steel. The rubber hoses are used by manufacturers as they provide an economical solution for light-duty applications that most vehicles will be used for. Stainless steel brake hoses are going to offer reinforcements that will not allow for the hose to expand outward, eliminating spongy or squishy pedal feel. This gives your Duramax truck a better pedal feel, especially during more high-performance driving.

What Are Slotted Rotors?

When it comes to brake rotors, there are a few different styles to choose from. The factory rotors are going to be your standard flat rotors that come on most production vehicles. They have internal fins to help with heat dissipation and are great for daily driving and light duty use. For more spirited or performance-oriented driving, you can upgrade to slotted rotors, drilled rotors, or slotted and drilled rotors. Slotted rotors have slots drilled into them to allow for better heat dissipation over factory rotors and to help prevent rotors from becoming warped. Drilled rotors have holes drilled through them to allow for heat to dissipate much quicker. Drilled and slotted rotors are a combination of both and provide the best heat dissipation of them all. While any Duramax truck can benefit from either of these rotors, they are best used for truck that need higher performing brake systems.