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Air Intake

The air intake on your Duramax powered truck is one of the first parts to be upgraded when looking for extra horsepower. The factory Duramax air intake does a great job for its intended purpose, but there is always room for improvement. Merchant Automotive offers a wide variety of Duramax air intake upgrades and replacement parts to upgrade and restore your engine. Choose from Duramax cold air intakes, replacement air filters, sensors, electrical components, and air intake accessories to get your truck performing its best.

Your engine’s air intake system is composed of the intake tubing from the throttle body down to the filter. This system brings in air from the fender well or engine bay, filters it, and delivers it to your engine. The factory air intake is usually made up of plastic or rubber tubing, an enclosed air filter box, and a factory style air filter. For daily driving and non-performance use, this filter performs just fine, but if you are looking to squeeze some extra power out of your truck, upgrading to a Duramax cold air intake can increase performance and deliver better fuel economy.

Duramax Cold Air Intakes

Merchant Automotive offers a variety of cold air intakes in order to upgrade your factory intake for more horsepower and torque. These cold air intakes are made by some of the biggest brands in the industry to give you performance you can trust. Duramax cold air intakes are dyno proven to maximize power and performance while giving you better gas mileage.

Duramax Replacement Filters

If you are wanting to keep your factory air intake and simply need to do some maintenance, a replacement or performance Duramax air filter can do the job. The air filter on your engine should be changed every 12,000 - 15,000 miles, depending on the environment that you drive your truck in. A dirty or clogged filter can hurt performance, kill your gas mileage, and over time, hurt your engine.

Duramax Air Intake Parts & Accessories

Over the years, there are some parts of your engine that will wear out and need to be replaced to keep your engine running in its best shape. Merchant Automotive is proud to offer OEM replacement Duramax air intake parts & accessories for your engine. Some parts on your engine’s air intake are hard to find when they need to be replaced, so Merchant Automotive offers these hard to find parts for a quick and easy fix.

Duramax Sensors & Electrical Components

The Duramax air intake system is not only tubing and an air filter, there are also electrical components and sensors associated with this system. If your Duramax air intake sensors need to be replaced, check out our selection of replacement sensors and electrical components to make the fix.