Bolts Studs and Fasteners

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Bolts Studs and Fasteners

Duramax Bolts, Studs, and Fasteners are key to keeping your engine and many other components in tip-top shape to ensure they work together as intended. Our popular components consist of our Duramax Head Stud Kit from ARP to ensure your cylinder heads keep from lifting from the increased combustion pressure. Also, our additional engine fastener components are necessary to keep up to date to ensure this small problem doesn’t lead to increased costs down the road.

Our Duramax Head Stud Kit from ARP is highly recommended for any performance engine build. ARP studs are rated at 220,000 PSI Tensile strength which provides the necessary clamping force that is needed to keep cylinder heads from lifting due to higher combustion pressure. The threads are rolled after heat treatment which provides optimum fatigue strength. With the ends of the studs being broached, it provides easy installation by enabling the cylinder head to be removed in tight quarters. The components feature a black oxide finish that provides extra durability for the most extreme conditions.

Engine Fasteners consist of bolts, nuts, and washers. All of these components keep your engine, drivetrain, chassis, and much more work together with the way it’s intended. While keeping these nuts and bolts new may look good, but there’s much more to them than that. A single failure of just one of these components can lead to critical malfunctions of an engine that can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Shop the wide variety of engine fastener components today from Merchant Automotive to ensure that you keep your engine far away from any failure due to something as simple, but necessary as an engine fastener.

What Are ARP Bolts?

ARP is known as the brand “Automotive Racing Products” and their main goal is to make the strongest fasteners that are specifically designed to keep all of your engine parts from going haywire. ARP got its start back in 1968 when Gary Holzapfel saw that when his coworkers' race engines would fail, it was often caused due to a fastener giving up. With his experience in the aerospace industry, he knew of the value of fasteners and how they can determine the success of space missions. He founded ARP and the rest is history.

Why Should I Upgrade My Duramax Head Studs?

Head studs can provide the ability to obtain much more accurate torque values. This is due to the studs not being able to twist during tightening as bolts do. Studs remain stationary during tightening which provides much more even and accurate clamping forces. Head studs also result in less wear applied to the block’s threads. This will extend the lift of the threaded bolts in the block over the many services and rebuilding that could happen in the coming years.

What Is A Camshaft Retainer Bolt?

The Camshaft Retainer Bolt is also called the “Engine Camshaft Bolt” this is a one-time use part that requires replacement any time that the Duramax Camshaft or Engine Valve Train is serviced. When updating to a new camshaft retainer bolt you can end your camshaft timing worries with preload clamping force that assures a positive timing gear register. Shop Merchant Automotive today to replace your retainer plate and bolts today! You won’t be disappointed with our quality and attention to detail.