Glow Plugs and Related

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Glow Plugs and Related

Shop Merchant-Automotive for the best selection of Duramax diesel glow plugs! Whether you need to replace a faulty set of glow plugs, or other related glow plug components, Merchant-Automotive is your one stop shop to get the job done! With high-quality brands such as AC Delco, rest assured you're purchasing a quality component at an affordable price. Choose from our complete kits that have all the tools you need with new plugs, or one of the many options of glow plug controllers, delete kits, and more!

If your Duramax diesel is encountering frequent hard starts or throwing a check engine code, chances are your glow plugs are ready to be replaced. Merchant-Automotive has done the research and put together complete kits using the same tools in house for a stress free glow plug removal and install process. These complete kits include everything you need remove your old glow plugs without breaking it off in the cylinder head, as well as components needed to put everything back together. Your CEL and check engine codes may reveal that only one glow plug is bad. We're happy to offer individual AC Delco glow plugs that save you money for other needed parts.

Your glow plugs themselves may not be bad, but if you're plugs aren't heating up, you may need a new glow plug controller. This module is located on the engine and provides direct communication to your ECU. When it fails, the entire glow plug system is rendered useless. Running a pulling or race engine application? Grab one of our Duramax glow plug delete kits to seal the spot in your cylinder heads after removal. No matter what Duramax glow plug related item you need, the experts at Merchant-Automotive are here to help!

What Are Glow Plugs?

Glow plugs provide an ignition source to diesel engines the same way a spark plug provides an ignition source to gasoline engines. These vital plugs are a heating element that glow to a specific heat range to provide combustion for the incoming fuel and air. A glow plug is located in each cylinder to ensure reliable start ups every time. Glow plugs are especially needed to ensure proper ignition in all weather conditions, specifically cold weather climates where extra heat is needed.

How Long Do Glow Plugs Last In A Duramax?

Glow plugs in a Duramax diesel will usually last around 100,000 miles. This approximation can vary depending on the brand quality plug used, and overall condition of your engine.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad Duramax Glow Plug?

There are several signs to look for when you think a glow plug in your Duramax engine is going bad. The most obvious sign is hard starting. If you're frequently noticing the engine struggle to turn over, this would be an indicator. Rough idle, misfires, check engine lights, decreased fuel efficiency, as well as white and black smoke are all strong indicators that it may be time to replace your Duramax diesel engine glow plugs.