Motor Mounts

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Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts are the components of your vehicle that hold your Motor in place. While normally motor mounts are made of rubber, there are actually 3 different types of motor mounts that are specific to each application (rubber being the weakest and solid being the strongest). Merchant Automotive offers their own Solid Motor Mounts, but they also offer selections from ARB, FASS, and S&B. Merchant Auto is your one stop shop for Motor Mount applications for your Duramax.

Merchant Automotive offers both Polyurethane and Solid Motor Mounts so that you can upgrade your factory rubber mounts for better performance. Our Polyurethane Motor Mounts are the perfect upgrade for your Duramax vehicle and are made from the USA with high-quality grade steel for increased durability and strength. These high-performance polyurethane bushings are used to create a more firm, but flexible feel to your Duramax engine. These motor mounts also give your engine bay a great new contrast of color with a bright orange finish. Naturally, high-grade fasteners and thread lockers are also included so that installation of your new mounts is as convenient as possible.

Merchant Automotive’s Solid Motor Mounts or “MA High-Performance Motor Mounts” are a direct replacement that is naturally stronger than factory and are mostly used for high horsepower situations. As you start to increase horsepower on your Duramax, these rubber mounts can often rip or fall apart. That’s why Solid Motor Mounts are the best solution for performance-based applications and are mainly going to be used for high horsepower and offroad setups.

On top of Merchant Auto’s offerings, we also offer additional motor mount kits from other popular brands such as ARB, FASS, and S&B to give you exactly what you need.


Are My Duramax Motor Mounts Bad?

To tell if you have a bad motor mount, take note of how your vehicle is running. With excessive vibrations being one of the key indicators of bad or worn motor mounts, it can be a little difficult to differentiate between engine mount vibrations and suspension vibrations. To check your motor mounts, pop the hood of your truck, have a friend rev the engine while in park, and look for excessive movement. If you notice the engine rocking back and forth more than usual, chances are, your motor mounts need to be replaced. While factory motor mounts will correct this, our MA Motor Mounts will be a superior replacement that offer longer-lasting and higher performing polyurethane bushings.

Rubber Vs Poly Vs Solid Motor Mounts

Rubber Motor Mounts are usually what comes on your factory vehicle and offer the greatest vibration and noise dampening effect. The biggest drawback is that they are prone to cracking and tearing after a while and also allows the most movement under load. Polyurethane Mounts allow more vibration than rubber mounts due to the increased stiffness. So in general, polyurethane is tougher and more rigid than rubber which makes it better for modified vehicles. Basically the opposite are the Solid Motor Mounts and there is no rubber or polyurethane involved. These are all metal and they permit the most vibration and noise. The benefit though is they transfer the most power to the wheels because of their limited flex under load.

How Long Do Factory Duramax Motor Mounts Last?

As mentioned above most factory motor mounts are rubber and Duramax models are no exception. While these stock motor mounts are great for normal driving, over time or in high-performance applications they can rip. So the length of time that the motor mounts last really depends on how the Duramax is driving, but normally they last 5-7 among the general vehicle. It is recommended that you upgrade to either Polyurethane or Solid Motor Mounts if you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time or if it’s a high horsepower application.