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Transfer Case - 261XHD

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Replace a 261XHD manual shift four-wheel drive transfer case found in 2001 to 2007 GM Duramax 6.6L V8 diesel trucks with this brand new one from Merchant Automotive - No core charge!

Why Choose Our Transfer Case?

Includes Our Transfer Case Pump Upgrade:
The GM transfer cases use a gear pump inside the case that is driven off the mainshaft. The pump forces oil to the planetary as well as the drive sprocket sleeve. There are 5 tabs around the housing that fit into spots in the rear housing to position the pump. Over time, the pump can start to wear on the rear housing. This issue is referred to as "pump rub". Our Transfer Case Pump Upgrade resolves this problem. Protect your investment by preventing this condition.

Comes with Magnetic Drain Plugs:

Magnetic Drain Plugs catch small debris and help extend fluid life. Kit contains a Magnetic Drain plug and a new fill plug made out of a high strength corrosion resistant 304 Stainless Steel.

Shipped with MA Performance Transfer Case Oil:
  • Promotes transfer case performance
  • Increases shifting performance
  • Dramatically reduces wear
  • Increases component efficiency
  • Blended specifically for use in GM transfer cases
  • May be used in GM, Ford and Chrysler transfer cases
  • For use in diesel or gas transfer case
  • Cost effective upgrade for Auto Track II
  • Performs in manual or electric shift applications
  • Reduces irritating drive shaft clunk
  • Increases drive line performance by reducing clutch chatter
  • Drastically reduces wear on internal components & seals

NOTE: Transfer Case will be shipped with 2 Quart (64 fluid oz.) bottle. The transfer case WILL NOT BE FILLED WHEN RECEIVED. One Transfer Case will use 64 fluid oz.


Is my 2001 to early-2007 transfer case a NP261XHD or NP263XHD?

The easiest way to know the difference between transfer cases installed in 2001 to early-2007 GM HD trucks is the shift selection mechanism. Both Chevrolet and GMC trucks using NP261XHD transfer cases use manual shift selection with a floor mounted range selector. Trucks with electronic (push button or knob on the dash) shift selection are equipped with the NP263XHD transfer case.


GM 2500HD and 3500 Duramax Silverado - Sierra 6.6 V8 Diesel Trucks




2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

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New transfer case

Dan - | 11/19/2018 12:01:00 pm

Boxed great and did not get damaged in the freight even though one corner was crushed down. I like the fact they installed the pump rub kit, I installed transfer case a big job for one old guy but I got it in. Works great. Drive train now feels tight works as it should. Hopefully it will last for years now. The old case was worn and loose in the magnesium rear case. It could go up & down and see the bearing move and the clip for the bearing move up & down so the case was worn causing the rear bushing & seal to go out & leak with not to many miles on it after replacing both. I think they should have used aluminum as they did in the front case for the rear case. It would have solved allot of ware problems. Hopefully the new transfer case has the upgraded fork and carrier in it. Merchant Automotive did a great job getting it to me I have bought from before and will continue to buy from in the furture.

Transfer case

Dan - | 12/19/2018 12:01:00 pm

I'm happy I bought it & installed it. Works great and I happy to know it has the rub through kit in it also.