Merchant Automotive Allison Transmission Deep Pan Filter Combo Kit | 2001 - 2019


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Service your transmission properly by replacing both the internal and external filters. Use this kit when you need to completely service your transmission. It includes both an internal sump filter and a genuine Allison external spin-on filter. This kit is for deep pans.

NOTE: This kit is for use with our current MA Filter Lock (10690) and will not work with our previous MA Filter Lock (10474).

To order the shallow pan kit for a 2001-2010 shallow pan Allison 1000 click here 

To order the shallow pan kit for a 2011-2019 shallow pan Allison 1000 click here



How can I tell if My Allison 1000 has a DEEP pan or a Shallow pan?

The simple answer is to look at the profile of your transmission pan. A DEEP pan is about 4.5-inches deep from the front to the rear of the pan while a SHALLOW pan is about 4-inches deep at the front of the pan while sloping to about 2.5-inches deep at the rear. 


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