Merchant Automotive Filter Head Rebuild Kit, Duramax | 2001 - 2010


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Filter Head Rebuild Kit, Duramax | 2001 - 2010
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The Merchant Automotive Duramax Filter Head Rebuild kit includes all the seals needed to rebuild a leaking fuel filter head on a 2001 to 2010 Duramax diesel engine. The fuel filter head is located on the passenger side of the Duramax Diesel engine on pickup truck models while it is located on the driver side for Medium Duty models like the Top Kick and Kodiak.

In addition to being the mounting location for the fuel filter, the fuel filter head also acts as the primer for the supply side of the fuel system since an external lift pump is not standard from the factory. The filter head also houses the fuel heater to aid in cold weather operation.

Common filter head problems include visible external fuel leaks as well as internal leaks that are not visible. Bad seals will cause the primer to loose the vacuum required to pull fuel from the tank and keep it in the fuel lines introducing air into the fuel system that can cause the engine to start then immediately stall.

Replacing the internal seals in the fuel filter head is a relatively simple task that is also inexpensive and can easily bring the Duramax engine back to life if it was suffering from leaks within the filter head.

Kit Includes:
  • U Shaped Seals (qty. 2)
  • Internal Seals (qty. 3)
  • Bleeder Screw Seal (qty. 1)

Click this link to watch the comprehensive step by step video that explains how to rebuild the Duramax diesel fuel filter head.



My truck won’t start after sitting overnight or being parked at an uphill angle. What could that be?


Worn seals in the fuel filter head can cause these symptoms. In many cases replacing the fuel filter head seals is an inexpensive repair that solves fuel leak/air leak symptoms.

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