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Merchant Automotive Fuel Filter Head Kit - Maximum, Duramax | 2001-2010


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Product Information

Replacing the fuel filter head on a Duramax engine can be a daunting task as there are a few different parts you will need to replace to complete the job. The fuel filter head mounts the fuel filter, acts as the primer for the supply-side of the fuel system, and houses the fuel heater to aid in cold-weather operation. This poses many different points of possible failure when it comes to the fuel filter head.

Merchant Automotive has developed an all in one Duramax fuel filter head kit to replace all of the most common wear items on your fuel filter head. In this kit you will receive a complete filter head rebuild kit, an MA aluminum bleeder screw to upgrade your factory plastic screw, a water in fuel plug, an OEM replacement fuel filter, a fuel filter head spacer kit, and a bottle of MA additive to finish up your install.

This kit is great for rebuilding a failed fuel filter head or to use as a  maintenance/upgrade kit for preventative maintenance.


  • Comprehensive Kit
  • Rebuilds Your Filter Head With OEM & Upgraded Parts
  • Includes MA Additive


  • Complete Filter Rebuild Kit
  • Aluminum Bleeder Screw Included
  • Includes All Needed Gaskets

Kit Includes

  • Complete Filter Head Rebuild Kit
  • MA Aluminum Bleeder Screw
  • Water In Fuel Plug
  • OEM Replacement Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Filter Head Spacer Kit
  • Bottle Of MA Additive

Failing Duramax Fuel Filter Housing Symptoms

On Duramax trucks, the injector pump sucks fuel from the tank, creating a vacuum from the fuel tank through the fuel lines and filter. The fuel is pressurized once it reaches the injection pump, to the high pressures needed for the fuel injectors. A failing fuel filter housing will start to leak fuel and allow air to enter. This is usually accompanied with the following symptoms:

  • Fuel leaks at the fuel filter head
  • Hard start conditions if the truck has been sitting for a few days
  • Engine starts but immediately dies
  • Engine will not start unless manually primed when parked on incline

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