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Lubegard Lube Gard Assemblee Goo | 16oz


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Product Information

Assemblee Goo is formulated for use as and assembly aid and lubricant for automatic and manual transmissions. To provide lubrication and facilitate the assembly process, apply to o-rings, seals, bearings, gaskets, sealing rings, bushings, and thrust washers. Comes in 16 OZ plastic container with a resealable lid, suitable for shop use.

  • Compatible with all transmission fluids
  • Not harmful with prolonged skin contact
  • No water/soapy residue to contaminate your transmission fluid or transfer case oil
  • Dyed green to prevent misdiagnosing leaks
  • Will not melt at shop temperature, but dissolves quickly at operating temperature
  • Will not clog filters
  • Contains rust inhibitor

Directions For Use:

Apply a dab of Assemblee Goo to parts as you work. Assemblee Goo has a tacky feel and works as an effective aid in holding components in place during assembly, especially when working with small parts like bearings and rollers or in awkward positions. A small dab placed on seals will lubricate the seal to allow parts to slip into place without binding on bare rubber surfaces. 

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