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Fluid Analysis Kit
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The Merchant Automotive Fluid Analysis kit provides a safe, secure and economical way to sample and test automotive fluids for any vehicle. Lubricating fluids are literally the lifeblood of any engine powered machine with engines, transmissions, gearboxes, transfer cases, differentials, hydraulic systems and more relying on proper lubrication to reach MAximum service life.

  • Sample Bottle
  • Shipping Container
  • Fluid Analysis Form
  • Prepaid Return Shipping Envelope
  • Reduce Repair & Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Boost Resale Value
  • Increase Savings By Not Needlessly Changing Fluids
  • Reliably Track Internal Component Wear
  • Historical Results Shown With Each Subsequent Analysis

While changing fluids at the general recommended service intervals will work for most applications, it can yield waste, additional expense and added load on the environment and natural resources in the case of replacing expensive oils and fluids before for the service life of the oil or fluid has reached its course. On the other hand waiting too long to change the oil or fluid can lead to extensive damage and very costly repairs once the protective qualities of the fluid break down and are no longer able to protect and lubricate the moving parts within your engine, transmission, gearbox, transfer case, differential or hydraulic system. With proper fluid analysis it is easier to spot and isolate problems while they are small and less costly to repair.

Following the old-school recommendation of changing the oil and filter every 3,000 miles is a perfect example of premature fluid replacement in most cases. The 3,000 mile oil change requirement myth that your grandpa handed down to your father was developed decades ago largely as an incentive by oil companies and lube shops to sell more oil and service. This may have been a good general rule decades ago when lesser quality oils and simpler component designs were common, but with modern oils and lubricants (especially high performance synthetic versions) extended drain/change intervals can exceed 10,000 miles for modern highly engineered and refined engines and much longer for transmission and gear oils that do not have combustion byproducts to contend with.

But how can we know if we are changing our fluids too early and wasting money and resources or too late and hurting our vehicles? This is where precision fluid analysis comes into play. Merchant Automotive has teamed with the experts at Apex Oil Lab and their state-of-the-art testing facility to offer scientific fluid testing, evaluation and diagnosis with specific attention to automotive lubrication parameters that is typically reserved for large scale fleet operators, now available for individual customers at a very reasonable price.

Lab testing measures up to 32 different elements to determine wear metals that are suspended in the fluid as well as various contaminants, additives, fuel dilution and more to determine the internal health of the engine, transmission, gearbox, transfer case, differential or hydraulic system that the fluid is sampled from. Detailed analysis can help to show problems as they initially develop and can be corrected rather than once they become catastrophic. The analysis can also help you determine the best maintenance interval for your particular vehicle and driving habits allowing you to MAximize the service life of your fluids along with your vehicle. Test results are presented in an easy to read and understand format that clearly outlines the results along with warnings for elevated or potentially dangerous readings that need to be addressed.

NOTE: One kit is required for each fluid sample, so order a few to be used at a later date or to test multiple fluids within your vehicle at one time.

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Can I sample my oil or other fluid without draining it?

Yes, using the Merchant Automotive Oil Syphon Pump can be used to draw a small amount of oil or fluid out of the component through the dipstick tube or sight plug opening, that can then be sent off for analysis. After testing the sample, the analysts at Apex Oil Lab will recommend either changing or continuing to use the lubricant based on the test results.

Will USPS mail my sample since it contains oil?

In our experience yes, the USPS will handle mailing oil samples. Please make sure that both the sample bottle and shipping container are securely closed, and that the information form is inside the shipping container with the sample bottle.

How do I get my analysis results?

The fluid analysis results will be emailed to the email address you provide on the enclosed oil analysis form.

How long does the analysis take?

Oil test results are typically given within one business day after receiving the sample at the lab. Coolant test results can take up to two weeks depending on when the sample is received in relation to the lab's coolant testing cycle. Of course we cannot control how long it takes for the sample to be delivered to the lab, but we are confident that the lab will complete the testing and provide results very quickly (typically the same day if the oil sample is received by 11:00 EST) once they receive the sample.

Can I test both my engine oil and transmission fluid with the same test kit?

While you can send in multiple samples at a given time from the same vehicle, each sample requires its own container. Mixing the samples will not yield usable results for either component.

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