Merchant Automotive Culture

Mission Statement:

 “We believe in building long term relationships based on integrity and personal service.”


 “To establish the most dedicated team of highly skilled professionals that develop the best engineered solutions to the Duramax & Allison Transmission platform.

Core Values:

Positive –

Simple really.  You must be an addition.  You must add something to the organization.  Positive influence plus action will build the team.  Positivity is the fuel in our tank.  It is what pushes the entire organization forward.  It is contagious and will spread to those around you.  Unfortunately, so does Negativity.  In fact, negativity spreads even faster sucking the life out of everybody.   Only you can choose your attitude, it does not cost anything and is available everywhere.  You will never see darkness if you always face the sun.  If you find yourself stuck in Negativity, ask yourself what you need to do to change that?

Team –

A team consists of a group of individuals all working together for a common purpose. The word Team is actually an acronym for “Together Everyone Achieves More.”    Each person on the team must hold themselves personally accountable for their own success in order for them to have a Positive Impact on the team.   A great team will all accomplish their individual responsibility but will back each other up to accomplish the end goal.  Every person in this organization will be a vital part of this team.  Benchwarmers will not be needed.

Personally Accountable –

Are you pushing the success of the team?  A strong desire to win is needed, a desire to improve your process by recognizing and eliminating bottlenecks.  YOU are Never Satisfied and fulfill your responsibility without being forced or reminded to.   By doing so you continue to push the Team forward and spread a positive vibe to all.  Nobody likes to pick up the slack of somebody else and they should not have to.  Everything we do affects our impact on the team, our punctuality and attendance, quality use of time during the day, avoiding distractions, right down to the cleanliness of our work area.

Never Satisfied –

People by nature are very competitive and always have a desire to push to the next level in nearly everything we do.  Somebody who enjoys the back-yard BBQ is always looking for ways to make their rib recipe a little bit better.  The fisherman is always looking to improve his technique or bait choice to find the bigger fish.  The golfer will continue to adjust his technique to be more accurate.  Even if you do not realize it, just about everything we do we naturally push to do more or better.   As part of a winning team, we know that we can make a huge impact on its success with our actions, accuracy and ability to get the job done without hesitation.  Continuous improvement should be in our mindset, even the little things will add up to great outcomes!  Remember, at some point, somebody decided to put the toilet paper next to the toilet!

Customer Care –

The reason we do what we do, it is what our goal is as a team, it is the greatest measure of our success as a Team.  It is the reason we get up in the morning and want to succeed.  Something greater than a paycheck even.  The satisfaction of taking care of our customers is what drives us.  If we exhibit a positive team environment, holding ourselves personally accountable to the team with a never-satisfied attitude, our customer care will almost come naturally.  Customers will recognize this and reward us with their patronage and loyalty.   Customers may buy from us once as a result of our advertising or visibility.  But they will buy from us for life as a result of the experience they receive.  


Our Team of Trained Duramax and Allison Transmission Experts Are Here For You

Need parts for your Duramax diesel engine? Merchant Auto can help! Whether you need a frame mount battery tray replaced or recommendations on the best transmission fluid, we're here to help. Our Merchant Automotive team is made up of Duramax Diesel experts that can advise you every step of the way.