Help & FAQs

  • What’s covered and what’s not?

We cover defects from the manufacturing process only.  Your labor or that of any shop you have to pay to remove or re-install any covered parts is NOT reimbursable.

Any part installed on a truck that participates in sled pulling, racing of any time, damage from off-roading, accidents, etc. have no warranty of any type.

  • How do I request a warranty return or exchange?

Fill out an RMA request form on our site or give us a call. Any part that is returned without an RMA number will likely get put on a shelf and end up being lost, with no restitution due to the sender.  

  • Will it automatically be covered under warranty if you give me an RMA?

No.  Almost all parts have to be inspected for abuse, improper installation, etc. PRIOR to a warranty part being shipped out

  • If one of your parts fails and I can’t wait to have it shipped to me and decide to buy a different part locally, can I just get a refund?

No.  We have a 30-day return/refund policy and it only covers parts that are new and un-installed.  We stand behind our products and in the event one fails, we’ll replace it if it’s within that products warranty period and is a covered event

  • What if I buy a Merchant Automotive product through a local shop or on Amazon or eBay? Is it still covered?

Our warranty is only valid for products sold through our authorized dealer network.  It’s unlikely that anything you buy on Amazon or eBay will have a warranty through us.  You may or may not have a warranty through the seller.  Get something in writing before you buy it from them. Just because they say they are an authorized dealer doesn’t mean that they are.

  • I bought a Merchant Automotive product through my local shop who is an authorized dealer.  I have a warranty issue. Do I go through them or directly through you? 

You can go directly through us. But for any potential warranty replacement, you’ll need your proof of purchase. This would be a computer-generated receipt with your name on it, the dealers name, the date of purchase and purchase price. Once you have that, call us to start the process.

  • I bought something and it was damaged in shipping. What do I do?

Call the shipping company that you chose in the checkout (FedEx, etc.).  Shipping damage claims MUST go through them.  Putting us in the middle of it has proven to slow things down for you dramatically.

  • I bought a non-Merchant Automotive part from you (FASS, S&B, MBRP, Flowmaster, etc.) and have a warranty issue. Do I call you or them?

Call us if it’s less than 30 days from the date of purchase on your receipt. After 30 days you call the manufacturer of that part directly.  All manufacturers want and need to deal with their own warranty issues, i.e. it’s not our call to say if THEY have a manufacturing defect.  They must make that call.

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