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Merchant Automotive Fuel Injector, LLY, Duramax | 2004.5 - 2005

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The fuel injectors on your Duramax engine have a big responsibility in delivering the correct amount of fuel to your engine every time your truck fires. One small clog or damage to your fuel injector can cause poor performance from your truck. While most factory fuel injectors are going to last you well over 100,000 miles, there are several factors that could reduce this number. Merchant Automotive is going to offer direct replacement and upgraded fuel injectors to keep your Duramax running smoothly and efficiently. 

A fuel injector mounts on your engine and sprays fuel into your engine for combustion. The fuel injector is the last component in your fuel system that the fuel travels through, and the most important. Fuel injectors are designed to spray a specific amount of fuel in your engine for proper combustion. Depending on your specific Duramax, your spray pattern and injector design may be different. The most common failures of fuel injectors are the spray nozzles becoming clogged. Diagnosing fuel injectors is usually a job left for the professionals as they have special flow-measuring tools that can check the function and performance of your fuel injectors. 

Symptoms Of Clogged Or Bad Duramax Fuel Injector 
One of the most common questions revolving around Duramax fuel injectors is "how do I know if my Duramax fuel injector is bad?". Like any vehicle, a bad fuel injector can present itself in a few different ways. If you experience the following symptoms, you may want to have your fuel injectors professionally tested: 
  • Engine Misfiring 
  • Rough Idling 
  • Gas Mileage Decreases 
  • RPM Needle Bounces 
  • Truck Becomes Hard To Start 
  • Truck Won't Start 
How Long Do Duramax Injectors Last? 
Duramax injectors have an average lifetime of about 150,000 to 200,000 miles when properly maintained. This can be achieved by ensuring you use high-quality fuel, fuel additives, and change your fuel filter at the proper intervals. We have seen trucks with over 300,000 miles on factory injectors and some that just needed to replace one or two injectors along the way. Every truck is different so the lifespan will vary, but properly maintaining your fuel system can help to extend the life of your injectors.

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