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ACDelco AC Delco OE Replacement Air Filter, 2001-2005


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Product Information

When was the last time you checked or replaced your air filter? If you can't remember, the odds are that it is time (possibly even past time) to replace the filter. Your Duramax diesel engine is basically a large air pump and it takes large volumes of clean air to make power. Running your engine with a dirty, clogged or damaged air filter can hurt your engine's performance, fuel mileage and potentially damage your turbo and internal engine components from contaminant intrusion.


Don't let your Duramax fall victim to a dirty air filter. Replace your dirty air filter with a high quality replacement like the AC Delco original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air filter that was designed to work with not against your high power Duramax diesel engine. In independent testing this AC Delco replacement filter was top rated for filtration and airflow when compared against all of the leading replacement filters. This means by replacing your dirty, damaged, clogged or weak air filter with this AC Delco air filter your engine will get all the clean air it needs while keeping out the dirt and debris you and your truck encounter on the road and off.


Notice the glue lines on the filter, those "straps" help the filter to maintain its shape and under the high stress load of your Duramax diesel engine running at full song. If you are using an OEM style filter and it does not have these glue lines or straps we recommend that you replace it with this AC Delco filter or a complete cold air system to ensure that the filter (or pieces of it) does not get sucked into the turbo charger inlet under extreme operating conditions.


Features & Benefits 


  • OEM Replacement Air Filter
  • Best filtration and airflow in its class
  • Protects your turbo and engine from airborne dirt and debris
  • Reinforced design to maintain its shape under load
  • Easy to install
  • Comes ready to install 
  • No modifications needed
  • WILL NOT void your warranty!


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