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Merchant Automotive Boost Points

Merchant Auto is proud to offer a loyalty program designed to reward you every time you shop on our site. The MA VIP Rewards program allows you to earn points for every dollar that you spend at

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How It Works

Boost Points are Merchant Automotive’s rewards program that provides us a way to give back to our loyal retail customers. Through the Boost Points rewards program, members earn Boost Points that may then be applied for discounts on purchases from Merchant Automotive. Boost Points are only redeemable through purchases with Merchant Automotive and have no cash value.

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Ways To Earn

Each qualifying purchase from Merchant Automotive will earn Boost Points. Stock Boost members earn 1 point for every $1 spent. You can also earn points through special Merchant Automotive promotions as well as by sharing Merchant Automotive products on social media, writing a review of our products, signing up for our newsletter, or referring a friend to the program. We even gift additional points for your initial sign-up with the Boost Points program, your yearly anniversary (or MAnniversary as we like to call it), and your Truckiversary (truck purchase date anniversary) to help grow your balance. Remember to log in to your account prior to making a purchase online in order to earn points for that purchase.

Action Benefits Create Account 250 Points Added Subscribe 100 pts for newsletter subscriptions Birthday 200 points added Account anniversary date 200 points added Instagram follow 500 Points Added (1x Only) Facebook like Facebook share 250 Points Added (1x Only) Twitter follow Twitter share YouTube subscriber 500 Points Added (1x Only) TikTok follow Write a review 250 Points Added (1x Only) Upload a photo 500 Points Added (1x Only) Upload a video 500 Points Added (1x Only) Submit NPS survey 500 Points Added (1x Only) Submit answer to a questions


It is an automated process and should take no more than 2-day for the Boost Points to show up in your account. If you notice that points have not been credited to your account 5-days after purchase you can contact us at and we’ll look into the issue.

No, Boost Points may only be redeemed on current orders, they cannot be redeemed retroactively or used to pay open invoices or unpaid balances. On a positive note, you earned more Boost Points with that purchase so you will have more to redeem for a bigger discount on your next order.

While placing your order online simply XXXXXXXXXXXXX [EXPLAIN THE PROCESS]. For phone orders, tell the sales rep that you would like to redeem Boost Points on this order, and they will handle the rest.

You can find the current balance of your Boost point by looking at your account when you log in at

No, Merchant Automotive provides the Boost Points program at no charge to our customers. There is no ongoing membership fee or annual fee whatsoever.

Yes, you can apply the value of your Boost Points to Merchant Automotive purchases either on the website or over the phone.

Boost Points have no cash value but they can be redeemed while making a purchase on the website or over the phone with a customer service representative. Redeemed points will provide a discount on your order of $1 per 100 points redeemed.

You control your own Boost Point redemption. When you are making a purchase, you decide if you would like to redeem Boost Points for a discount or not and how many points you would like to redeem.

No, Boost Points have no cash value so they cannot be turned into a cash refund even during a purchase.


To receive Boost Points update emails you must opt-in for marketing emails on your account on the MA website under settings/email preferences.

No, Boost Points do not expire, feel free to save them up and apply them later.

Nope, we’ll handle that for you. You can look up your available points by looking at your account when you log in at

If you do not want to take advantage of the perks afforded through the Merchant Automotive Boost Points Rewards Program you may cancel at any time by XXXXXXXXXX [EXPLAIN ONLINE METHOD]. You may also send us an email at and request to be removed from the program and we’ll handle the details for you. Additionally, you can call and request removal directly from one of our sales reps at (616) 772-9551.