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Duramax Truck
LB7: '01-'04 - VIN Code 1
LLY: '04.5-'05 - VIN Code 2
LBZ: '06-'07 - VIN Code 2 or D
LMM: '07.5-'10 - VIN Code 6
LML: '11+ - VIN Code 8
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Duramax Van
LLY: '06-'07 - VIN Code 2
LMM: '08-'10 - VIN Code 6
Gas: 1500, 2500
Transfer Case
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FluidsOils, Fluids, and Greases → Injector Cup Sealant
Injector Cup Sealant
Item Number: 10014

A small amount of this red sealant goes at the bottom of each injector cup to ensure proper sealing.

To see the proper location of the sealant click on view more images, then click next.


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