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LB7: '01-'04 - VIN Code 1
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LMM: '07.5-'10 - VIN Code 6
LML: '11+ - VIN Code 8
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LMM: '08-'10 - VIN Code 6
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Duramax Van LLY 2006 - 2007 VIN Code "2"Filters → Internal Oil Cooler Delete Kit
Internal Oil Cooler Delete Kit
Item Number: 1140010

Allows for a larger and less restrictive external oil cooler to be installed. The easy bolt-on adapter
uses existing factory oil cooler mounting bolts. Includes engine water bypass adapter. This kit is designed
for high performance 2001 - 2010 Duramax diesel engines. Excellent for marine or high performance hot
rod installations where space is limited by the frame's design.
. 1/8"h NPT oil temperature sender port (measures oil temp entering block)
. Billet hard anodized aluminum
. Compact design adds additional clearance for tight engine frames
. Industry Standard (dash 16) -16/1" oil inlet / outlets

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