Deluxe LB7 Injector Package
Deluxe LB7 Injector Package

*Select Injectors
10021-Deluxe LB7 Injector Package With Stock Injectors
10333-Deluxe LB7 Injector Package With SAC45 Injectors
*Core Charge ($1200)
97729095 LB7 Injector Core

If you would like to send your cores first please order this kit.

Deluxe package includes everything for proper injector replacement.

Includes :

Injector removal tool
Lower valve cover bolts
Upper valve cover bolts
Injector Lines
Filter head rebuild kit
Bleeder screw
Water in fuel plug
Fuel filter
Fuel filter head spacer kit
WIF wrench
Fuel line disconnect tool
10491- MA Heavy Duty Return line bolts
Oil filter
Lower valve cover gaskets
Injector cup o-rings
Injector cup sealant
Return line seals
Injector o-rings and Coppers
FICM seals
Upper Radiator Pipe Seal
Heater Pipe Seal
Silicone Sealer