Duramax LB7 Injector
Duramax LB7 Fuel Injector

*97729095 LB7 Injector
Duramax LB7 Fuel Injector - $244.99
*Select Core Charge ($150.00)
97729095 LB7 Injector Core

These are the latest version direct from Bosch to replace troublesome LB7 injector.  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations or the promise of a quality "Reman". 
- Include the new chrome plated ball and seat for corrosion and wear resistance
- Updated injector body that is resistant to internal cracking
- Covered by a 12 month / unlimited mile warranty! 
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FAQ - LB7 Fuel Injector

Are these injectors better quality then the injectors that are in my truck now?

Depending on how old your injectors are, the answer is yes.  Around July 2008 Bosch started introducing the latest generation injector into the supply chain.  There was no part number or press releases indicating this however.  These injectors feature the latest body on them that is resistant to the body cracking issues in the past.  Also, the check ball and seat deep inside the injector is replaced with a newer style chrome plated ball and seat assembly. 

Do you rebuild these injectors?

No.  We do not offer any rebuild service for these injectors.  We do have the ability to test your injectors for you for a nominal fee however.   

Can I replace these myself?
Yes.  The job of replacing the injectors may seem overwhelming but its not impossible.  The actual job is more time consuming then difficult.  Attention to detail is critical when performing the job as well.  All fasteners on the fuel system must be carefully installed along with replacing all of the seals to prevent fuel leaks.

What else will I need to replace these injectors?
This is a common question we get and having the right parts can make or break the job.   Lets assume you are going to replace all 8 injectors in your truck and you already own basic hand tools.

First and foremost you will need the LB7 Injector Installation kit.  This kit includes all the required gaskets and seals to not only install the injectors into the engine, but also to get to them.  We put the lower valve cover gaskets, coolant pipe o rings, FICM bolt seals and injector cup o rings and sealant just in case one of the cups comes out during injector removal. 

The next thing that may be needed would be replacement bolts for some of the area's that are common to damage.  The bolts that hold the upper and lower valve covers on are 5mm allen head bolts that are prone to being stripped out.  Also, the bolts on the injector itself for the return line can also be rounded out if the socket is not fully engaged. 

If you opted to send in your cores first to avoid paying core charge, simply print out your order confirmation and send the injector cores to us with the order so that we can correctly attach the cores to your account for fastest turn around.