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Duramax Truck
LB7: '01-'04 - VIN Code 1
LLY: '04.5-'05 - VIN Code 2
LBZ: '06-'07 - VIN Code D
LMM: '07.5-'10 - VIN Code 6
LML: '11+ - VIN Code 8
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Duramax Van
LLY: '06-'07 - VIN Code 2
LMM: '08-'10 - VIN Code 6

Gas: 1500, 2500
Transfer Case

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Garage Sale

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2. Duramax With Stock Motor Mounts
3. Duramax With MA High Performance Motor Mounts
4. Duramax LB7 Injectors - MA on Truck U
5. Truck Pull Videos
Duramax Truck LLY 2004.5 - 2005 VIN Code "2"Filters → Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit (LB7 / LLY)

Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit (LB7 / LLY)
Item Number: 1140100

Filters alone can clog or disintegrate causing interrupted oil flow, but PPEs Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit cleans oil by generating a centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity, literally flinging the dirt out of the fluid. Engine oil pressure spins the rotor at a rate of over 6,000 rpm, separating the solid contaminants and heavy metals from the main oil supply. Debris is spun outwards to a removable outer bowl, which can then be easily scraped clean. The centrifuge will filter particles down to a 1/10th of a micron, compared to the OEM 25-40 micron filter. Oil does not wear out. Dirt and impurities cause oil to lose its ability to properly lubricate. By using the PPE Oil Centrifuge Filtration Kit, you can extend the intervals between each oil change from 3,000 up to 10,000 miles.

- 1-hour installation time
- No filters to buy or replace

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