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We are committed to doing our part to keep America moving forward while doing what we have done for over 16 years. Providing quality parts and expert advice needed to keep your Duramax Diesel equipped truck on the road.  

We have already implemented many changes including all of our sales and office staff to work remotely, and hopefully those changes have been seamless to all of our valued customers and vendors. 


Just like other states, our home state of Michigan has just announced a Stay at Home order effective March 24, 2020. Because our customers all around the country and internationally have come to rely on the parts we supply to keep their trucks running and ready for all circumstances, we will continue to be open during this time as an essential business. Your orders will continue to ship as quickly and safely as possible.

There are many ways we can all stay in contact right now including the telephone, email, social media and various forms of video conferencing.  

While we all physically disconnect and stay safe, let’s always remember to socially connect! Take the time to contact your family, friends and those on the front line as we continue to grow even stronger and more united!

Eric Merchant