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10494 Motor Mount Kit LML-thumbnail
10494 Motor Mount Kit, LML, 2011-2016OE Replacement Motor Mounts
BD  Flexplate, 2001-2016-t
1041260 BD Flexplate, 2001-2016 Designed to handle up to 1500 ft/lbs of torque
Valve Guide without Seal Grove, LML, 2011-2016-t
Valve Keepers, Pair, 2001+-t
10416 Valve Keepers, Pair, 2001+
LH Oil Pump Drive Gear Nut-t
11611120 LH Oil Pump Drive Gear Nut
Duramax Engine Oil Drain Plug-t
11569943 Duramax Engine Oil Drain Plug
Exhaust Valve Seat, 2001-2016-t
97212572 Exhaust Valve Seat, 2001-2016
Intake Valve Seat, 2001-2016-t
97212571 Intake Valve Seat, 2001-2016
Oil Level Indicator, Dipstick, LML, 2011-2015-t
Oil Pan Baffle,  LML 2011-2013-t
12627246 Oil Pan Baffle, LML 2011-2013
Exhaust Valve, 2001-2016, 120 Head Diameter-t
10009 Fumoto Oil Drain Valve Kit, LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML, 2001-2016A simple way to drain your oilNow comes with safety clip and nipple seal at no extra charge!
Oil Pump Screen,  LML 2011-2013-t
12639214 Oil Pump Screen, LML 2011-2013
Fuel Injection Pump Drive Gear, LML, 2011-2016-t
Engine Oil Dipstick Tube, LML, 2011-2016-t
12634511 Engine Oil Dipstick Tube, LML, 2011-2016
Fuel Injection Pump Rear Bracket, LML, 2011-2016-t
Lower Oil Pan,  LML, 2011-2016-t
12669869 Lower Oil Pan, LML, 2011-2016
LML Connecting Rod, 2011-2016-t
12636253 Connecting Rod, LML, 2011-2016
Engine Front Cover,  LML 2011-2013-t
12624280 Engine Front Cover, LML 2011-2013
Engine Oil Pump,  LML, 2011-2013-t
12644591 Engine Oil Pump, LML, 2011-2013
Upper Engine Oil Pan,  LML 2011-2013-t
12634972 Upper Engine Oil Pan, LML 2011-2013
Engine Oil Cooler Assembly, LML, 2011-2016-t
12649227 Engine Oil Cooler Assembly, LML, 2011-2016
GM-DM66-1>-76418H-08 CARRILLO RODSThe Ultimate In Duramax Connecting Rod Options