MA Fuel Injectors - LB7

LB7 injectors that meet Merchant Automotive specifications! No Core Charge and covered by a 12 or 24 months when ordered with the deluxe install kit!

2500HD 3500 Silverado Sierra 6.6L V8 Duramax diesel:
2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 early *
- DLC Coated Needle Tips

- Corrosion and Wear Resistant

- Works Alongside Stock Injectors


- 12 and 24 Month Unlimited Mile Warranties 

Price Range:   $299.95 - $3,443.95
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Merchant Automotive has the answer locked down when it comes to the Duramax LB7 line of Diesel Injectors.  Covered by a twelve-month unlimited mile warranty; these injectors feature a chrome plated ball seat for corrosion and wear resistance, an updated injector body that is resistant to internal cracking, and the latest DLC coated needle tips to improve function and durability. 

Designed with the customer in mind, Merchant Automotive made sure their line of injectors works alongside stock injectors; saving you the overhead of replacing all of them once. So the next time your Duramax LB7 injectors fail, look no further than Merchant Automotive.

Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

   Years : 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

   Engine: Duramax LB7

Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD

   Years : 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

   Engine: Duramax LB7

GMC Sierra 2500HD

   Years : 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

   Engine: Duramax LB7

GMC Sierra 3500HD

   Years : 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

   Engine: Duramax LB7

Can I use these injectors with my existing stock injectors? 

Yes, these injectors will work alongside existing stock spec injectors. 

Are these injectors re-manufactured?

No. These are new injectors updated to meet Merchant Automotive specifications. 

Do you rebuild injectors? 

No. We do not offer any rebuild service for these injectors. We do have the ability to test your injectors for a nominal fee.

 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 21 Customer Reviews  
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   New lb7 fuel injectors, October 20, 2019  By Anonymous (NM)(Verified)
I already had a "new" fuel injector from Merchant, so all I had to do was order 7 more, which I did. Having said that for anyone that needs to change injectors on an LB7 this is by far the only way to go. I know that it is a pain in the butt to do this job, and this is the fourth set of injectors since I bought this truck back in 2004. I had to use rebuilt injectors in the past. These injectors, so far show the best balance rates ever. When the truck was was new the balance rates were not as good as the ones from Merchant. So to all those that have to do this job, the only way to go is with the injectors ("new") from Merchant. I might also mention that the staff have always been very helpful as this is not my first purchase. Thanks to Eric Merchant and staff.......good job.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Great product, August 11, 2019  By Jeremy Bendlin (LANCASTER, CA)(Verified)
This is my first time ordering from Merchant Automotive. I purchased the fuel injectors with the deluxe install kit. I was impressed with the kit overall. Everthing installed with no issues and truck runs like new now. The only exception I had was the silcone provided for the valve covers. I was supplied Sil-Bond RTV 4500 silicone. Not sure I feel comfortable using it for the valve covers, so I used another product that I have used with success in the past. I definitely would recommend this kit for others. Nice having everthing in one kit. I also like the injector removal tool better than my factory style tool.
   Fuel injectors deluxe kit, July 18, 2019  By Kenney (FLORISSANT, CO)(Verified)
Great kit has everything needed to the job right, truck runs great
   Mark Mehl, April 26, 2019  By MARK (DANVERS, IL)(Verified)
Put a set in our 4500 Kodiak along with the basic install kit and had everything I needed and the truck runs great I highly recommended the put together kits for anything Merchant Automotive sells always have what you need and it’s great quality
   New injectors, December 14, 2018  By T.McDaniel (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO)
These things have been in for over a year now without a single issue. This truck hasn't skipped a beat at all and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
   You get what you pay for., December 4, 2018  By Tom (Foster, VA)(Verified)
Great kit! Everything needed for the complete injector install. A great product, from a great company. Very professional, knowledgeable, along with fast shipping.
   New MA fuel Injectors deluxe Kit, November 24, 2018  By Jim (PLYMOUTH, IN)(Verified)
I have purchased a lot of repair or rebuild kits in 40 years of servicing my Owen Equipment as an Electrical contractor for over 30 years I have had trenching Equipment trucks trailers Ect By far MA has exceeded any other company I have ever bought repair parts from when they tell you there kit has everything in it including tools it is in there from the smallest keeper o ring or seal its there !!! And if you are not sure about something I guarantee one of there Tec will have the answer to your question I can not say enough about there product or there service until your project is complete Sam Thank you you guys are awesome and I will and have already referred you to all my diesel friends I will be back for any thing I need this truck duramax 3500 is my personal driver
   Fast shipping, October 18, 2018  By Anonymous (clyde, MI)(Verified)
Fast shipping heard great things about the injector, just had a bent wire stud I had to straighten out, other than that great stuff!
   So far so good, October 12, 2018  By Anonymous (GRAFTON, OH)(Verified)
I will have to try to update this after a year or so but I used 2 of these injectors along side the other factory 6 and the balance rates were dead on. Just have to see how long they'll last.
   Duramax, October 1, 2018  By Anonymous (LAS VEGAS, NV)(Verified)
I like the kit,everything you need to do injectors
   2002 Chevy Duramax 2500 HD, April 28, 2018  By Sean (EATONVILLE, WA)(Verified)
Installed the injectors over the weekend along with the Fass lift pump. 172,000 miles and runs like brand new again. The deluxe kit is awesome with everything needed and then some for the job, including injector puller and fuel line disconnecting tools. I liked the fact the injectors were new and not reconditioned and no core charge to worry about. Everything showed up on time and nicely packaged.
   Injectors, April 17, 2018  By Anonymous (BEVERLY, OH)
Great product fast shipping balance rates were excellent
   LB7 fuel injectors and deluxe install kit, April 10, 2018  By Larry (HUDSON, NH)
What great customer service. I called twice asking questions and got straight forward answers no pressure sales. Then decided to purchase eight fuel injectors and deluxe installation kit on next phone call. I watched videos and ask questions everything for me went smooth I have a stock lb7 fuel mileage is at high teens in town and low to mid twenties on highway196500 on odometer at first change of injectors I like the thought of matching injectors only wish the test results came with the the quality injectors all packaged and capped in a quality heavy MA box All I can say is great job for M A well worth the phone calls thanks again
   New updated injectors, April 10, 2018  By Trevor (Fort Campbell, KY)
These things perform better than I expected. My balance rates are amazing, and the truck never skips a beat. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
   Nice 8 Pack Injector Kit, April 10, 2018  By Bryan (Ozark, AL)
This kit came with everything needed to do a quality repair. The injectors are nice because they are new and not re-manufactured.
   New injectors, April 10, 2018  By Rick (APPLE VALLEY, CA)
The deluxe kit is worth it and everything is working awesome. Very pleased with the injectors and the power. Merchant Automotive gets 5 stars from me.
   New injectors, April 10, 2018  By Rick (APPLE VALLEY, CA)
The deluxe kit is worth it and everything is working awesome. Very pleased with the injectors and the power. Merchant Automotive gets 5 stars from me.
   Lb7 build, April 10, 2018  By Anonymous (Edgewood, NM)
Absolutely awesome! Everything I needed for the replacement!
   Deluxe Kit Worth Every Penny, April 10, 2018  By Anonymous (Riverton, WY)
The deluxe kit comes with literally everything you need when doing an injector swap, and then some.

My LB7 severely needed new injectors and I came across this deluxe kit provided by Merchant Automotive. Filters, O rings, gaskets, new hardware for valve covers, fuel primer pump rebuild components, tools, fuel lines, AND brand new injectors with no core charge for under $3,500? This kit is bargain compared to what others are asking for just a set of re manufactured injectors and new lines.

Everything was neatly packaged and clearly labeled. The tools provided are handy, especially the injector puller. Replacement hardware for the two piece valve covers are a must have, and the fuel filter assembly spacer is a nice touch.

My 380k mile LB7 now idles smooth with zero haze, and has excellent oil pressure. I would recommend this kit to any LB7 owner looking to swap out injectors.

   These are the injectors you are looking for, April 10, 2018  By Steven (Cocoa, FL)
The stock injectors in my LB7 made it to around 160,000 on the stock tune. Knowing the LB7 has limits on a stock bottom end, I ordered some overpriced % over stock injectors with a matching injector pump. A little later I had my local mechanic drop in a DSP5 switch and EFI live tunes. Nothing a stock LB7 shouldn't handle. The first time I pushed the #3 tune to the limit, I lost 2 injectors, filled the crankcase with diesel and barely made it home. 21,000 miles is all I got out of them, from supposedly the best shop in the country at the time. I've only got a few thousand miles on the truck since installing these injectors but I have run the crap out of it regularly and so far so good. I have actually pushed these injectors harder and more often than the last set and there have been no problems at all. Plus no cores.
   MA new injectors, April 10, 2018  By Gary (Mead, WA)
Installed MA new injectors with the basic install kit in my 2003 GMC 3500 witch has approximately 137,000 miles on it. The main reason I went with the MA new injectors as opposed to reman Bosch is because I didn't want to deal with time and money of core charges. Before & After the injectors arrived and I started the installation I had couple of questions for MA, they answered the phone with a real person on the other end great customer service. So far I am happy with the MA new injectors my first test drive my truck average 25.4 mpg over 75 mile highway drive, that's pretty bad ass for a 4 door dually. So far the only negative thing I can say is that the basic install kit is a little priced. I will be ordering a lift pump next.
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