Deluxe LBZ/LMM/LML Glow Plug Replacement Kit-m
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Deluxe LBZ LMM LML Glow Plug Replacement Kit, Duramax

Everything you need to do the job. These are the same tools we use in house at Merchant Automotive
Part Number: 10455  
Everything you need to do the job. These are the same tools we use in house at Merchant Automotive
Glow Plug removal can seem straight forward, but if the incorrect tools are used the chances of breaking off the glow plug or damaging the cylinder head are greatly increased. These are the same tools we use in house at Merchant Automotive.

Tool Kit Includes:

  • 8 glow plugs and nuts
  • 2 sets of Wheel well liner clips
  • Wheel well liner clip removal tool
  • Tube of anti seize
  • Air Hammer
  • Air Nipple
  • Glow Plug Removal Air Hammer Tip
  • Glow Plug Removal Socket
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   Never used the impact hammer..., August 27, 2019  By Anonymous (MESA, AZ)(Verified)
Well...I was looking at adding an impact hammer to my tool collection, but turns out I didn't need it at all (but that specialty socket is awesome!). I hit all of the glow-plugs with PB blaster and they all broke free with probably around 15 of force (just a little more than recommended recommended tightening torque). I had ONE that I thought I might have to breakout the impact hammer for, but I held consistent force on it for about 5 seconds and it broke free. I found a pretty ample amount of anti-seize on the old GPs (making me wonder if they'd already been swapped in the lifetime of the truck ...there were only 2 showing bad in the DTC codes, but I figured I'd get all of 'em brand new, to level-set). I too used an ample amount of anti-seize, but not too much, to make future removals pretty effortless.

A tech-tip ... make sure you're comfortable with disconnecting the steering column. It's pretty simple, but I had to research it a bit before I became comfortable with the notion. Pretty simple really ...and if your tires are on the ground, and the steering wheel is locked ...very little chance of any problems. If you DON'T disconnect the steering column, it is virtually impossible to remove the #4 glow plug (or at least impossible to get an accurate torque reading going back in with the new plug). It took me close to 30 minutes to do 2,4,6 & 8 on the driver's side ...but literally only 5 minutes to do the driver's side (fuel-filter was removed because I was swapping that out too). #1, 3, 5, & 7 on the passenger's side was easypeasy.

Props as well for the fender fastener kit. The tool made for very easy removal of the old pins (but several were still destroyed due to road grime / wear). I had the flat, slotted pry tool and that thing seems useless now with the new, more precision fastener removal tool.