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Fuel Filter Head Spacer Kit, LB7 LLY LBZ LMM, 2001-2010, Duramax

Easy to install spacer kit makes more room to service fuel filter
Part Number: 10006  
Easy to install spacer kit makes more room to service fuel filter

This spacer fits all 2001-2010 Duramax engine, if you have a 2011-2013 Duramax click here

Its a tight fit to squeeze a filter wrench around the fuel filter with the newer longer filters. GM designed a step in the bottom of the can to help with the problem, but its still very tight, especially with the wires routed close to it.

After being frustrated with this, We developed a rather simple solution to the problem, a 3/8" thick aluminum spacer to move the filter head away from the valve cover. This is enough room to make getting a filter wrench in there a lot easier, but not enough that it makes it tough to get the filter out of the engine bay. We include two bolts that are longer to support use of the spacer. Install is very easy. Simply take out the two bolts that hold the filter head to the support bracket and install spacer and longer bolts. No fuel lines or wires need to be moved or extended.

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   As described, November 18, 2019  By Nate (WOODVILLE, WI)(Verified)
This gives you the needed space to get a strap wrench around your filter to make replacement a little easier.
   Just as stated and serves the purpose., February 11, 2019  By Greg W (Raytown, MO)(Verified)
Spacer kit does just what is stated, spaces the fuel filter head out just enough and makes it so much easier getting a filter strap or your hand around the filter. It is unbelievable how much that moving the filter head out just a little bit makes changing fuel filters easier. Please note that you will want to loosen up both ends of the rubber fuel lines and pull them out from there respective fittings just a small amount. As the factory lines don't give you very much extra length.
   filter head spacer, November 21, 2018  By Anonymous (Grovetown, GA)(Verified)
Awesome product. Much easier to change filter now. Did same time as the filter head rebuild.
   Head Spacer, March 15, 2018  By Anonymous (Hervey Bay)(Verified)
I have a right hand drive 2006/7 2500HD LBZ and the spacer block and new bolts fitted well. The item along with other parts I ordered at the same time were delivered in good condition and within the specified delivery dates to Australia.
   Works as described, September 7, 2017  By Anonymous (FLORENCE, TX)(Verified)
The filter head spacer kit seems to work as described. I just got it put on 2 days ago. So I have no idea about longevity yet. But, it doesn't seem like anything could go wrong with it. Well built and easy to install. I added the spacer when rebuilding the fuel filter head assembly with the MA seal kit. That too, seemed to work fine for now (2 days).