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Duramax Truck
LB7: '01-'04 - VIN Code 1
LLY: '04.5-'05 - VIN Code 2
LBZ: '06-'07 - VIN Code 2 or D
LMM: '07.5-'10 - VIN Code 6
LML: '11+ - VIN Code 8
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LLY: '06-'07 - VIN Code 2
LMM: '08-'10 - VIN Code 6
Gas: 1500, 2500
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Duramax Truck LB7 2001 - 2004 VIN Code "1"Transmission Lines, Kits, and Coolers → Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit - LB7 / LLY
Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit - LB7 / LLY
Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit - LB7 / LLY

10206 - Transmission Cooler Line Repair Kit - LB7 / LLY
Add Mini Tube Cutter?
2107 - Mini Tube Cutter, 1/8"-5/8"

Click here to view the Transmission Line Repair Kit Instructions

A permanent solution to a growing problem. As these trucks are getting a few years older, the transmission cooler lines can start to develop leaks. This is more common in cold weather as the rubber hose on the line shrinks and allows leaks around the factory crimp.

Install our repair kit for a no hassle repair you wont have to worry about again. Constructed of D.O.T. approved hose able to withstand pressures of nearly 2000 PSI.
Cut the factory line 1/2" from the factory crimp and install these lines. Properly sized and ready to install.
Add the 2107 - Mini Tube Cutter, 1/8"-5/8, in the kit above to insure proper cutting of your transmission lines.

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