High Idle Valet Switch ('03-'04 LB7)-m
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High Idle Valet Switch ('03-'04 LB7)
03-04 Duramax Highidle Valet Switch
Part Number: 1110020  
03-04 Duramax Highidle Valet Switch
The PPE High Idle/Valet Switch allows for the engine idle tobe set at 3 predetermined points (between 750 rpm and 1,800 rpm) to facilitatefaster engine warm-ups, electrical system charging or even just to have the A/Cor heater working at its optimal capacity. There is a Valet setting as well,which governs the engine so that it reaches a maximum of 2,000rpm and a topspeed of 55mph.


- Faster engine warm-ups

- Includes dash panel insert and harness

- Optimizes A/C and heater system functions while parked

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