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Part Number: 10108  


Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive was formulated in some of the coldest regions of the country to provide real world data on what a winter-based fuel additive needs. The test results have allowed Rev X to formulate the highest performing winter fuel additive package that boosts all aspects of today's ULSD Fuel in one easy-to-use product at a very economical price. So, whether you are having cold start issues, fuel gelling problems, poor engine performance, or fuel storage issues, Distance+ Winter Fuel Additive is your cold climate fuel solution.

Benefits of DISTANCE+ WINTER Diesel Fuel Additive

    Unmatched Winter Performance to -45°F
    Minimum 6 Point Cetane Increase for increases Pulling Power and Torque, Economy and Reduces Exhaust Gas Temperatures
    Added Lubrication Agents Keeping Both New and Old Fuel Injection Systems Running Smoothly with Reduced Wear
    Added Detergent Agents Make Sure That the Entire Fuel System Stays Clean for Maximum Performance
    Increased Corrosion Protection, Extending Service Life on All Stored Vehicles
    Water Dispersant Agent Reduces Harmful Water in Fuel System
    Added Storage Agents Extend Fuel Service Life From Approximately 6 Months To Well Over a Year
    Bio Fuel Neutralizing Agent - Eliminates Bio-Fuel Sediment Fallout That Plugs Fuel Systems
    B5 - B20 Bio Fuel Compatible
    Reduces Toxic Smoke and Exhaust Emissions
    Reduces EGT Temperatures
    The Most Concentrated Fuel Additive Formulation Available (1 oz. treats 25 US gallons above -45°F)